2018 Mac Mini Review: A video editor’s perspective

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The 2018 Mac Mini is the is the first update to this product in four years. The new Mini brings a host on improvements, including Intel’s 8th Gen CPUs. There’s a lot to like in these machines, but if you’re looking to use a 2018 Mini for video editing or graphics work, we found a few issue’s you’ll want to know about.

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24 thoughts on “2018 Mac Mini Review: A video editor’s perspective

  1. Not having an optical audio output is another example of Apple cheaping out while jacking the price WAY up. First of all, no one wants a new computer with 128 gb SSD. That is absurdly small and to upgrade it to 1TB costs 800 DOLLARS! That is an utter rip off. A 1 TB SSD upgrade costs as much as an entire other Mac Mini! Apple loves to hose its customers and they love to get hosed and defend Apple no matter what. It is quite bizarre.

  2. Your test is not realistic and completely nonsense. First of all, Mac Mini is not a professional computer and is not designed for video editing professionally. May be photography, but it is mostly made for those who wants to have a cheaper Mac than iMac or Mac Pro. Second, if you are testing video Editing capability, you shouldn't have done it with Premiere Pro. If you just checked few minutes on YouTube, you would have known better that Premiere is not functioning well even on Mac Pro and iMac.

  3. I'm a graphic designer, and I use Photoshop a lot, I just wonder is the base Mini enough for my works? I need to draw with tablet pen fluently without any lag.
    Never really own a Mac, so I wonder if this machine is a good choice for me, as I already have a 27 inch monitor, and I really like how compact this Mini is, just still thinking whether i should get this or stick with Windows.

  4. Please help ! We´ve bought Mac Mini 2018. The mini was conected to many LCD by HDMI. Picture is terrible, not sharp, its too smudged. We have tested five monitors and pictures are still terrible. From resolution 1920×1080, 1920×1200 to 2560×1440. We have tried conected form usb-c by reduction to display port, still its terrible. Any idea ? Many thanks for any tips.

  5. "for the rest of us the mini feels a little like a product searching for a niche". You mean using Premiere Pro on the base model and thinking that everyone out there is editing videos is more like you need to get out of your bubble…

  6. Inexpensive? Really?! Did you mean to say "expensive entry-level" perhaps? May I remind you that the price of the inexpensive mini started at $599?!

    First and foremost even for grandpa the i3 is BS… using an i3 was BS to begin with and the only reason it Apple chose it was to force buyers to fork over more cash for an upgrading to an i7 at the usual premium which Apple is known to charge. If one is getting a configuration where the logic board has an i7 soldered on instead of an i3, the upgrade price should only be for the difference between the two CPUs, not an increase in price by the full cost of an i7. But it's Apple, it'll rip you a new one because they can… that much we've already learned.

    And the claim that the new i3 is so much faster… Sure it outperforms the older mac mini model, but let's remember the comparison term is a model that's not the last year's one, but a model well over 4 years old! And not only that! It had also been downgraded compared to what was being sold just 2 years earlier, by not offering quad core CPUs! We had to wait 4 years to see Apple bring back some decent specs on what was a great mac up until 2012! Have you noticed how much are those being sold used, despite their CPUs is already a 6 years old one?!

    So… to get a decent machine that won't be obsolete in a year, or when Apple will decide to introduce some new machine-banning tech in future OS versions, one would have to then buy at the very least a model with an i7 and 512GB SSD (since even 256 will fall short in no time). Such a minimum necessary configuration will clock-in at an "inexpensive" 1.5k!

    And it would still come only with the graphics that's built into the intel CPU itself, with no way to upgrade to anything more powerful (unless spending some 500+ bucks for an external unit as mentioned in the video). Not that Apple couldn't find a way to provide the option since other systems (non Apple) do it via PCIe, although I'd grant Apple that those cases aren't usually as compact as the mini, and even Apple's own laptops mount more powerful GPUs. If there was a will they'd have found a way hence it was by choice (as for all mini other crippling).

    Not to mention that, after the fan base of mini and mac pro have been yelling at Apple for very many years "LET US UPGRADE OUR HARDWARE!", Apple continued its deafness approach as proven by the only lame concession of allowing users to upgrade their RAM but no internal SSD/HDD, soldered CPU, no GPU via PCIe. W'ell see if they'll listen with the Pro in 2019… after all Phil Schiller had to take back his "can't innovate anymore my ass!" claim he made when introducing the trashintosh whose sales have been garbage much like the form factor of that machine which at best should've been a model to commemorate an anniversary of Apple, not a pro model that respected none of the standards in place for pro workstations… we'll have to wait and see it they keep not listening or they'll hit it our of the park… one thing we can predict for sure: it'll be the opposite of "inexpensive".

  7. I am getting the Mini with the i5, 256GB SSD, and 8GB RAM, I will upgrade it with crucial SO-DIMM modules and for the kicker, I am getting an eGPU. I don't know why this guy isn't suggesting this combo. I have seen tests with 4K video with the i5 and it does AMAZING, and with an eGPU it screams. Thumbs way down!

  8. I read a lot of the comments for this video. Nobody is asking the real question which is why is this dude comparing the base model Mac mini to a Mac Pro? And why is he advertising a pc alternative? He didn’t help at all. This video sucks lol

  9. Basically, the right story here. We only bought one because A) we wanted one machine with macOS, B) we don't play any 3D games, and C) our video editing is extremely casual, and we can live with a bit of slow if we ever tried something fancy. Otherwise, the base i5 is nicely future proof.

  10. USB microphones / analog inputs sometimes add significant latency. This can be up to 250 ms in some devices. There are a variety of scenarios where this can prove unacceptable. Bluetooth also adds latency. It's really not great that Apple chinced out on the analog input jack. Many casual users won't notice, but many of the hardcore users will.

  11. This looks like the first step for Apple to correct course after the donglemaniac, un-upgradeable trash Mac hardware they have released in the past few years.

  12. hi, can you upgrade the ssd with any M.2 SSD like the new MP 510 from corsair? or they are only specific ones that can be used?

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