All Out Life

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All Out Life · Slipknot

All Out Life

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Assistant Engineer: Bo Bodnar
Editor: Dan Monti
Producer: Greg Fidelman
Additional Recording: Greg Gordon
Mixer: Joe Barresi
Recorded by: Paul Fig
Recorded by: Sara Lyn Killion
Producer: Slipknot
Writer: Slipknot

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22 thoughts on “All Out Life

  1. At this point people have said that it sounds like every song they’ve ever made. It’s a different song made by the same people, just take it as it is.

  2. Can't wait for the year of rock and metal to come back! Only bad part is that there will be a ton of kids that support it who are just following mainstream media aka the same kids who love shitty rap.

  3. so some people don’t get jack shit for halloween, well i got a new song from slipknot and a neck brace for the past 2 months of headbanging and listening to it bitches

  4. This gives me hope that Corey will finally axe the bleed over between Slipknot and Stone Sour. Everything started to go to shit when he started splitting his time.

  5. ME: I play in a metal band
    FRIEND: Oh really, what instrument do you play
    ME: Oh you know, I play a beer keg with a baseball bat

  6. I was listen to this at school I didn’t realise my headphones were not plugged in, my punishment was suspension for a month FUCKING WORTH IT! WHOS WITH ME to those who are not with me WE ARE NOT YOURE KIND

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