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47 thoughts on “Audacity Tutorial 2: Audio Editing

  1. Hi! Can I edit 2 audios in the same file? I've been trying to but when I try to edit 1 the other one gets edited along with it but when I tried to edit both separately I cannot put them together since they become separate audacity files! Help, please!

  2. I’m using my iPhone and lapel mics to record. Sometimes I get a good buzz that just won’t go away even with noise reduction. Is there something else I can do?

  3. Question: with Audacity a big audio file (52minutes) cuts into more parts? After cutting a file, can I save the pieces to a separate files?

  4. Hello, great tutorial, I have a long recording, 3 songs within this recording, I want to break apart each song as mp3 . How to do this? My goal is to burn these songs to a cd so I can listen in my car. I want to be able to skips songs in my cd. Yes, the long recording is coming from old cassettes tapes, or there is anyway in audacity to detect each song of this tape and separate them automatically as it records within audacity??

  5. Why is it that when I made a new track of me recording my voice into a new project, then I coppied nad pasted it into my original project at the beginning, why does only my voice play but not the rest of the rack I added my voice recording to? I had imported a CD audio wav file and made a project with it and I later recorded some comments I wanted to place at the beginning of the track.

  6. Guys I recently just went to a concert and recorded the audio with my phone. Is there anyway to remove the screaming? 🙁 Thanks in advance!

  7. Hi; Greetings; I need to import and sync several audio tracks from
    the same event, on different recorders; into a single file. Does Audacity have a "sync"
    feature? Plural Eyes is great, except that it requires a video timeline
    and doesn't work on audio only tracks… TY

  8. How do you Edit the selected volume material from your recording…lets say you want to dim the volume of section 12-15 and keep the rest of your audio , to remain at a certain volume ?thank you for any and all assistance

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