Best Lens for Youtubers and Vlogs | Inexpensive Xenvo Camera Lens!

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Best Camera Lens for Youtube and Vlogging
On Sale: (amazon)

Why spend tons of money on an expensive DSLR and Different Lenses when you can just pick up the Xenvo Lens

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Thank you guys for watching and being part of my dream! The channel is alive and better than ever! I hope this video helped in deciding if this is the one for you!

All background music was used from the youtube audio library and is royalty free.

Want to know what Camera I Used?
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Want to know what Lighting I Used?
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21 thoughts on “Best Lens for Youtubers and Vlogs | Inexpensive Xenvo Camera Lens!

  1. #Xgimi Dude you Freaking Rock thanks for all the hard Work you do on testing products and breaking them down, You definitely make me wanting to watch more videos ..Thanks My Brother

  2. Mindseed! Great review man! That's a great buy for anybody looking at expensive wide angle cameras. Liked and shared

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