Best USB Microphone For Youtube! Studio Quality Audio! || Editors Keys SL600 Mic Review!!

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Best USB Microphone For Youtube! Studio Quality Audio! || Editors Keys SL600 Mic Review!!

Hey guys Tech Genius here back with a new video and today I will be reviewing the SL600 USB Large diaphragm condenser microphone from editors keys. This microphone retails for $299 on Amazon and it is probably the most premium USB micro-phone out there. So let’s start off this review with the unboxing experience. So as you can see this product comes in a protective hardshell black box which looks really premium by itself but inside you will find A really high quality USB cable to connect it to your computer, and a shock mount that would help isolate vibrations, and the microphone itself. As for a stand it does not come with one but you can get their desk stand online for about 29 dollars or get a cheap mic suspension arm like I did which would set you back around 10-15 dollars depending on which brand you want to get it from.

Moving on if we take out the microphone from the case you will see that it has an all around metal build with a matte black finish and a fine metal orange mesh around the diaphragm. Taking a better look at the design of this mic you will find their small Studioseries logo on the microphone and you also have lots of manual controls on mic itself. The mic feels sturdy and the metal casing on this mic feels like it would last for years without any problems. Other than that there is nothing that is on the mic which gives it a simplistic and professional look and it looks great on any desk.

Now I can go ahead and talk all day about this mic But the reason why everyone spends money on a microphone is the sound quality. And this mic going for almost $300 which is a really substantial amount of money for a USB microphone, It offers some great features that other USB microphones wouldn’t have. So first of all this is a large diaphragm condenser microphone which means it is able to get a full dynamic range of your voice. It is also a So that makes this product really good if you are a singer, streamer, or just want to get good audio for any purposes. The low pass filter switch will cut out high frequencies and this is perfect for use when recording instruments with bass heavy signals. Right next to it on the other side is a -10db switch which will basically reduce the recording input levels by 10 decibels so you don’t get any distortion in your audio.

For level controls you have a gain knob which basically controls the input gain of the mic so you can increase or decrease audio with this knob under their you have a dial for you headphone volume. this will allow you to adjust the volume of the audio while live monitoring with your headphones plugged in to the mic.

Now with all that being said let’s do a sound test.

So this is a sound test with no editing to the audio, My room is not acoustically treated at all and as you can see this microphone offers great sound quality. Now with a bit of processing in adobe audition you can get the mic to sound like this.

Wrapping up this video from my point of view this is probably the best USB microphone you can get and it is a great option for people that are in need of studio quality audio without an XLR microphone which you would connect to an audio interface and then connect to your computer. Which also makes it probably the best travel audio equipment.

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