Can you make money from crappy vlogs?

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Someone posed me the question of how one would go about making money on YouTube from a vlog. It got me thinking and we discussed this for a while. In my vlog of the day, I give you my thoughts on this. Can you still make money on YouTube with a crappy vlog? Give me your ideas in the comments.

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1 thought on “Can you make money from crappy vlogs?

  1. Hi Riaan, I first started watching your channel when you were flying a Cheerson CX20 as I too owned that particular model. I am UK based and I find your range of videos, particularly those covering various aspects of life in modern day South Africa, very informative. I think you are spot on with your views on making money from vlogs – just do it for your own satisfaction unless you have a ground-breaking new idea…. and lots of spare time! Keep the videos coming, my friend. Best wishes, Rob.

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