Canon M50 for Professional Video Production

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Canon EOS M50 for Professional Cinematic Video Production
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$45 vs $229 Comica V30 vs Rode VideoMic Pro

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Gear I use:
► Canon 80D-
►Panasonic GH5-
►MacBook Pro 15inch Retina-
►Rode VideoMic Pro
► Sigma 18-35mm F1.8-
►Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L-
►Manfrotto Fluid Video Tripod-

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46 thoughts on “Canon M50 for Professional Video Production

  1. Hi, my brother bought this camera just a week ago and when he is recording it's a lot of noise even if it is day or night. No matter what settings he use, do you have any tips?

  2. I heard that the shooter speed recommendation is the double of your frame rate. For example, if you are filming in 30FPS, the recommendation is 1/60s. Is it correct?

  3. When I shoot video using my 15-45 lens, it goes on manual focus and I can’t seem to change to auto focus for some reason? Please can you help?. If I change my lens to the 18mm f1.8, it switches to auto focus without me changing any settings?? And so is there something wrong with my lens? The same issue applies for photos and videos. Pls help

  4. Can you show us , in the field how this M50 tracking the video focusing with large apertures. For example with the 50mm 1.8 stn , at 1.8, or the 22mmf2 stm, at f2. In still objects, it's ok, but what about tracking on moving objects, like walking people, at f1.8 ? Thank´s.

  5. Can you dial in manual white balance (numerically) in video mode? I know the color of my different studio lights, so i would like to be able to dial in the precise value, instead of having to take a picture of a grey card, and use that to set a custom white balance.

    If you are able to set a numerical white balance in video mode, can you access and change it from the "canon camera connect" app. Would be great, in cases where the camera is mounted overhead, for "eye in the sky" video.

    Have you tried the cheap "EF-s focal reducers" (speedboosters) with the EF adapter on the M50. Would be excellent if that worked, for that cropped 4k.

    Also – is there any mount, that is small enough to enable you to get the battery and SD card out, without having to unscrew the whole mount every time?

    Sorry to ask so many question, but i was actually thinking about this for professional work, and your otherwise fine video, skimmed over these things.

  6. Wow! That mic made a huge difference in the clip outside. The one I bought for my m50 isnt as good as that. Ugh – wish I had seen this video before!

  7. Hello I bought a m50 canon camera and Im trying to find a fully functioning gimbal to control and use with camera….any suggestions?

  8. Dood… with video, you want the shutter speed locked at 1/50 when shooting 24fps right? I hear the m50 can’t lock the shutter speed without making everything else manual. I was hoping to still have auto iso/aperture while locking shutter speed, but I guess you can’t? If that’s the case, do you foresee managing manual settings as a vlogger being a hassle? Or is it ezmode?

  9. whats the point buying a budget camera then recommending $300 tripods if your spending that much on tripods then you obviously have enough money to buy a better camera so stick a gh5 on it.

  10. So i currently owning the sony a7iii i love it, but for vlogging it makes it difficult cuz no flip screen. Then i was down at my local camera shop today to try out the m50 and i must say, the flip screen is nice but the image quality in 1080 is really really poor. Cant really justify using it solely for the flip screen. What do you guys think, – Do you like the IQ?

  11. I have a point and shoot right now and I’m saving up for a new camera. I was thinking about the m50 but I’m also considering on waiting for a newer released mirrorless or dslr in 2019 because there’s the possibility of 120 fps, stabilization, and less cropped 4K.

  12. I liked the video, but do think that the definition of 'professional' is different for different people. I think that this is most important regarding sound, which – I agree with you – is probably the most important part of a video. Bearing this in mind, although a shotgun mic. does an – perhaps I will say adequate – job of documenting the video sound, I would suggest using that as a backup, and recording in mono .WAV format on a separate recorder, and then syncing this sound up to the video later, in post-production editing.

  13. Hi, congratulations on the video. How do I calculate the crop factor in 4K using the Canon EF – EF – S lens adapter? Would a 10-18 lens fit with what size? Thank you

  14. Thanks for Great Video……plz help which one to buy canon 80d 0r m50 for wedding …..i want to use for candid video purpose…..does it heat while recording continuously……………..plz reply ….i want ur opinion

  15. Hey what is the distance for the Comica microphone? Do you have to be right in front of the camera to take audio or can I take audio at a wedding reception in a church with it?

  16. Great video as always. Question: which camera do you recommend for vlogging…the Canon G7X Mark II or Canon M50 or something else?

  17. Iv just picked up my m50 but in the settings it only gives me the option for 50fps and 25fps not 24 or 60 can anyone help??

  18. Would you consider to buy a speedbooster? It would have many advantages: You would get fullframe photo capabilities and fullframe 1080p
    And 4k would be the professional super 35 format.

  19. Will the footage in the Canon M50 match exactly with the Canon M6? I currently have a Canon M6 and am considering getting a second camera for B-roll footage and a 2nd angle. Is it worth getting the M50? Or will it be too much of a hassle to match the color grade of the M6 when color correcting?

  20. My problem is to get to record and at that moment my client thinks that my quality of work is bad because the camera is small.

  21. Is this M50 also good for photography because I see a lot of videos talking about the video part of the camera but not really the photo part

  22. Canon is the best corporation in the world. The m50 is the best mirrorless camera ever made. It has better motion cadence than red epic. Spielberg will only shoot canon because of their color science. Dual pixel af is better than anything some hollywood focus puller could ever do.

  23. The first video I caught of yours was on the canon T6i which I still own and love. I’m glad to see you are still at it! Great stuff!

  24. I would like to buy a adapter and tamron 24-70 2.8 g2 . Is this a good option for low light video for m50 (without grainy)?

  25. Dear Tbonetech,
    I cant display electronic level on my Canon M50, although I've set to display it from menu function. Can you show me how to display electronic level on your Canon M50?

  26. Totally agree with all the tips, a good resource of info. I just wonder who would actually buy this camera if they need to produce professional video.

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