Cheap Tricks | AQUAMAN Underwater Effects: Part 1 (VFX Tutorial)

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It’s time for another episode of Cheap tricks, with Hashi from Action Movie Kid! This month, Hashi shows you how to recreate an underwater effect as seen in DC’s Aquaman.

Get the tools we used to make this:

Check out Action Movie Kid:

Get ready to learn a ton about visual effects and motion graphics in Cheap Tricks – a new tutorial series from Red Giant and Daniel Hashimoto (creator of Action Movie Kid). Each month Hashi will show you how to quickly and inexpensively create Hollywood Blockbuster-level VFX and mograph by breaking down shots from popular films and trailers.

0:00 Introduction
2:08 Defining the Underwater Look
3:24 Footage/Filming Suggestions
5:00 Quick Overview
5:28 Clip 1 – Underwater Staircase
6:20 Pro-Tip #1 – Normalizing your 3D Workspace
8:48 Color Correction and Trapcode Shine
10:38 Trapcode Form – Floating Bits
12:00 Caustics (Light Ripples)
13:10 Universe Heatwave for Distortion
13:50 Trapcode Particular – Fish!
20:10 Clip 2 – Ballroom with Chandelier
21:51 Particular Motion Paths
24:27 Pro-Tip #2 – Rove-Across-Time Keyframes
30:13 Clip 3 – Underwater Ballerina
30:30 Trapcode Mir – Reflective Water Surface
34:25 Particular – Motion-Driven Particles

Download the Project Files here:
Get the tools we used to make this at

Clips provided by
Audio Equipment provided by RODE

Check out Jacob Dalton’s tutorial, “Fill a room with water”

CC Attributions:
Swimming Fish Model by

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29 thoughts on “Cheap Tricks | AQUAMAN Underwater Effects: Part 1 (VFX Tutorial)

  1. Thank you for teaching Us. Made my day. Kudos to you my friend. And love the part when you said "I'm afraid you….Skipper" Lol….

  2. Hi, I really love the tut, but I have problems with the normalizing.(Sounds crazy for all the pros here, but well its like it is) 
    Any recommendations for an other tutorial? here on my computer, everything gets crazy when I connect the camera with the ground floor and I am a little bit lost 🙂

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