Editing Video Clips and Movie Sequences | VideoPad Video Editor Tutorial

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This tutorial shows you how to easily edit your video using VideoPad. It covers clip length, in and out points, clip sequencing, splitting clips, and deleting clips.

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35 thoughts on “Editing Video Clips and Movie Sequences | VideoPad Video Editor Tutorial

  1. Is there a way to do a green screen better? What I mean is by I have a dinosaur chasing me but the dinosaur since it is over a other clip, it covers me is therre anyway to erase the dinosaur of where my body is?

  2. I'm using the free version right now but will a water mark appear when I post it on youtube or can I even post it on youtube?

  3. How do I actually navigate within the video–move forward or back–and what are the key bindings? I'm still not clear about that.

  4. Is there a way to shrink a video clip? Im try to have one video play while in the top another plays in the corner like a stopwatch. thank you

  5. I need a help. How can I merge two videos into one? please answer immediately. I really need it now. Thanks in advance.

  6. When i try to add clips to my sequence an error occurs with the message "you can't add a sequence to itself …" (or sth like that … hat to translate it cause i use the german version). What am I doing wrong?

  7. Hello. I have a problem, some older versions can move the clip. I tried using the latest version and whenever want to move to a offset, it doesn't move that i want to put it. (My grammar might be bad, but i hope you understand what im saying.)

  8. How can we make it so that when we trim clips in the tracks, it doesn't reposition the clip to where it's starting position once was in the track, it didn't do this in old versions of videopad but it does in the current version and it is quite annoying when doing voice syncing, i have checked every nook and cranny of the program but have not found any form of option to be able to change this setting. Is there any way to change this? Thanks.

  9. HHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPP I have tried everything to create a video, I need a wallpaper back ground with rolling text from bottom to top………simple, not for me, i have not got the intelligence for this, i have tried and tried to accomplish this but it is one of the things i cannot do. Biting the bullet. Can somebody please do this for me and send it to me in a file. I am ok from there, i will have to pay but i hope it is not too much.

  10. when i am finished with a video and i go to save my project as a video file so i can upload it to facebook or youtube, i get an unknown error and then chrome opens up and automatically starts downloading a random ".exe" file. I have never used this program before so i'm not sure what that is, i don't want to open whatever it has downloaded as i am afraid it is a virus. not sure what to do. cant render my projects as video files.

  11. I'm so glad I found out about this program. While reading the comments, I'm actually very eager to use it in my first short animation in a project I've entered! Oh, thank you so much for creating this wonderful software! I really don't know how to thank you this much!

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