Etnies: Chapters

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With our feet planted firmly in BMX for over 20 years and two award-winning videos, “Forward”and “Grounded” to our name, we are proud to introduce the highly anticipated third full-length BMX video production, Etnies “Chapters.” Featuring one of the most well-rounded and highly revered teams in modern-day BMX, “Chapters” was shot in 15 countries during 35 trips over a span of 3 years. The team has collectively endured countless injuries and dedicated endless hours in search of the most desirable spots in the world in order to bring you groundbreaking riding captured through the unique perspective of filmmakers Will Stroud and Mike Manzoori.

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  1. Nathan Williams part was out of this world. What a treat it was to watch chase hawk and ruben doing trains. Truly great piece of work this is.

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