Filming a Commercial

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An overview of how to shoot & edit a commercial project.


Sven’s Editing Series:

How we prepared for this project:

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Host and Creator – Simon Cade

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28 thoughts on “Filming a Commercial

  1. Insightful look into the inner workings of filming. The end product is great, but I doubt I'm alone in saying that the process is just as magical!

  2. Bro, you are talking too much. Just show us how you shoot the whole Commercial and the end product. I was expecting to see that. But nice video and explanations tho!

  3. Not gonna lie, I definitely cringe every time Simon mentions how “the canon T3i is a perfectly capable camera”.

  4. This guy should be Canon's brand ambassador. He's done so much with the t3i even people with much expensive cameras can't. Everything is on point lighting, sound, story. Love your work Simon.

  5. I was thinking of doing an commercial , for only YouTube for my channel.
    Thanks for the video as I can start filming!
    If I love railroads, then maybe make a commercial about it!

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