Filming Dance: First Person Look with Tim Milgram  // Travis Garland – “Clouds” by Kai McMinn

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Last week I shot a video for my friend Kai McMinn, and used a GoPro camera to give you a first hand look at how I do it.

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**** Stabilizers I recommend for shooting with a DSLR:
For lighter DSLR’s (T2i, T3i):
Glidecam HD-1000:

For heavier DSLR’s (Canon 7D, 5D, etc):
Glidecam HD-2000:

Click here to check out Kai’s full “Clouds” video:

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40 thoughts on “Filming Dance: First Person Look with Tim Milgram // Travis Garland – “Clouds” by Kai McMinn

  1. Hi Tim! I have a question… First of all, thank you for this wonderful video and what a wonderful work you do!
    Would you recommend any stabilizers for a GoPro? It is not professional videos, so I thought using the GoPro would do just fine. But let me know if you have a different opinion, of course. Thank you!

  2. Hi ๐Ÿ˜€ First i would like to say that your videos are amazing. The other thing is, which lense do you use to film dance videos?

  3. Hey Tim Milgram,ย 
    I am a very big fan of all your videos!! it brings the dance in a whole new daylight and you really capture the emotions behind it!!ย 
    i have 1 big question for you and I hope I can get an answer..
    i am a dancer and want to make my own dance videos. The problem is my equipment .. I have an canon Eos 300d but I think I need something els. Can you give some advice for some equipment to get a professional look (beginner lvl) without spending thousands of euros?
    Thx again!!

  4. I'm curious how Kai stays in focus the entire time without noticeable adjustments in focus. My lenses/dslr would never be able to do that on autofocus, it would just be constantly readjusting

  5. Can u please tell me how did u keep the focus on the subject while moving back and forth.. is it an autofocus or is it bcz of the lens?? If its lens can u please mention which lens is it? Thank u

  6. Your videos are absolutely amazing and the movement is soooo smooth. I would love to see a video of you shooting a video full frame. Also, how do you step sideways with re glide cam like that without it going up and down? It looks next to impossible. Thanks!

  7. Hey, Tim! Love your work ๐Ÿ™‚ I was wondering, how do you film in front of lights, without getting lens flares in the footage? Do you use a lens hood or a filter. Also, what camera settings do you use to film on the Sony AS7? We use a sony AS7ii. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Seth from the ADN

  8. hi Tim, I knw am late to comment on this video but couldn't help it, recently entered YouTube channel arena, your work and this tutorial helped me alot.wanted to know how do you upload choreography videos in YouTube without copyright problems, could you please help me out.

  9. How do all the videos you create with music are okay within copy rights? What's the process for that if anyone can give me a top on that !! ? โค๏ธ

  10. Really love your work! Your Videos are really inspiring and this helps so much to get a little closer to your quality standards ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I really love how humble and sharing you are, with this video and in comment section, regarding your awesome videos. Keep up ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hey tim! I just bought my Canon 80D to shoot dance. what're the best lenses to shoot dance for example this video? like a 25mm f1.7? also you should think about doing and updated video on tips and tricks on shooting a dance video! CANNOT find any on youtube and I think you could make something great

  13. Hey Tim! I was wondering how you adjust your shutter speed while filming dance? I know while filming with 24fps the standard is to stay around 1/50 and sometimes 1/60, but since there is so much movement while filming dance do you every go higher than that?

  14. Seriously been wondering who is shooting these amazing dance videos all over my feed. Thanks for the tips. What camera and lenses did you use for the different shots in the final video? Sick video!

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