Filmmaking 101: Training for Scriptwriting, Camera, Shooting, Lighting and Video Post Production

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Learn tips and techniques from amateur turned professional filmmakers. In this seminar, we discuss:

Developing a story
Scriptwriting software
Directing actors
Choosing a camera
Dynamic range
Blocking and composition
Camera motion with a dolly and jib
Audio and microphones
Soft and hard lighting
3 point lighting
Editing footage
…and much more

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20 thoughts on “Filmmaking 101: Training for Scriptwriting, Camera, Shooting, Lighting and Video Post Production

  1. I am student of class 12,.and I have awesome story about homosexuality and servival in India but i Don't know how to make film… Please give me suggestions

  2. Celtx does not appear to have a free version. On their web site they offer a 7 day free trial. There is no mention of a free version. Am I missing something? Also Adobe Story is set to be discontinued in January 2019. It would be nice if they offered a downloadable version which would run on my desktop.

  3. I love love love this video class but why oh why is a film class have poor lighting like this? Lol but seriously guys this was such a great class. Totally awesome. If the class was whack I could talk but No this class is off the chain. EXCELLENT!!!!!!

  4. thank you for your lesson i really learn something day i will be on front testify abt this video i as person with passion i will make it!!!! thank you for lecture thank you so much

  5. Funny how they are teaching Filmaking 101 and the video is so bad…..poor lighting, poor image, not too good audio, etc…the messaging is awesome though.

  6. On the topic of editing, have your students to view 'How Star Wars was saved in Editing'- here of course. The differences in Lucas' vision verses that of a talented, seasoned editor, is mind-blowing. In retrospect, visiting something that made history (for some), to now know the original vs the final cut as we know it, is to know editing at its best for the genre. There are high-budget movie flops where amateurs fix bwo simple editing. It is amazing that studios do not revisit their even-bill productions and revisit using this Rule-of-6 in such a way to warrant a soft re-premier or on something like Netflix or like services.

    There are plethora of great movies out there that only failed due to poor marketing; these deserve a soft re-premier as well.

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