Filmora Video Editor for Mac- How to Edit Audio Track of a Video

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Filmora Video Editor for Mac:
Filmora Video Editor for Windows:
Filmora is more advanced than the original iSkysoft Video Editor, it’s the best Video Editing Software to make your own stunning videos with ease, download the free version above to try out!
You edit the audio track of a video with Filmora. You first need to detach it from the video, then do the editing, like trimming, fading in or fadming out, increasing or decreasing volume.

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6 thoughts on “Filmora Video Editor for Mac- How to Edit Audio Track of a Video

  1. Hi friends, I need help, I have several videos made on my bike, with lots of movement so how can i accommodate the video and remove the motion effect with this program, please help

  2. How to add a second audio track ie music in addition to narration. There is a second music band but cant see how to move a file to it

  3. How can I overlap one song onto the next? In Windows movie maker I can drag the audio onto the end of another song so they blend into one another. Otherwise, am I able to have another music timeline below the first? I'm on windows. Thanks, Bonnie.

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