FULL Face of Beauty Guru Makeup! Jaclyn hill, James Charles+ Honest Review

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I used ONLY YouTube Beauty Guru Make up in this full face make demo! Sylvia Gani, James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, Brooklyn and Bailey, Kylie Jenner – not all were 5/5 stars!!!! *This is my personal, honest, unsponsored, but maybe a little pro-youtuber review* oh, and ignore the mean comments I got on Instagram on my make up posts, I like to take chances!

HIGHLIGHT – Sylvia Gani
EYESHADOW – James Charles
(I drove across town to buy this
BRUSHES – Jaclyn Hill
MASCARA – Brooklyn & Bailey
LIPSTICK – Kylie Jenner

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41 thoughts on “FULL Face of Beauty Guru Makeup! Jaclyn hill, James Charles+ Honest Review

  1. 9:05 her worst angle
    And omg look at her discussing brows
    Like last year she was saying how she is only 12 and the doesn't really need makeup and apparently it was just for fun but no she is like this? Yuck- xxx

  2. 1. the lip kit is matte so it will dry your lips out
    2. my lip kit smells like a vanilla cake batter lmao not wine soooo
    3. filling in your lips with the liner is going to make your lips dry because it’s a lip LINER lmao

  3. Sorry but the colour she uses does not match her hair it just makes her hair looks greasy…no hate but she just thinks she’s gonna be the next James Charles

  4. Why does Annie do the same this and SophieMichelleSays? I am not hating but I have noticed some stuff, anywayyysss,,, I ❤ U!!!!

  5. Hi, I'm Anushna I've been watching you since 2016 and I love you. I just started a new YouTube channel and it would be lovely you just checked my channel and I am a twelve year old girl just like you

  6. Guys I’m scrolling through the comments and all I can see is hate comments. If u have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. It’s not fair on Annie who spends all her time doing videos, and all she gets back is hate. She’s just trying to entertain you and all you give her is attitude, she tried to mix things up by doing a makeup review. Just stop. She’s just trying to make people smile! Please, stop!

  7. Not hating but Annie your eyebrow look too thick at the arch I’m not hating James Charles eye brow where bad when he first started then he learned I’m just letting you know now I’m not hatting I love you so much it’s just constructive criticism

  8. I can't believe you guys are hating on her. She's 12!!! And this is what she like to do for FUN. Annie you're great. And your beautiful with or without makeup.

  9. Not trying to hate buuuut maybe you shouldn’t do your eyeshadow too high up! Just some tips for you but you can do what you love ❤️

  10. I am 14 and if I hv make up , my parents will definitely be extremely angry and will kick me out of the house …

  11. I love this video!!!!!! Please do more makeup related videos! You make the eyeshadow looks easy to understand and do! Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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