Gabbie Hanna ANGERS Fans, Breaks SILENCE On David Dobrik Vlog Squad DRAMA!

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Gabbie Hanna ANGERS Fans, Breaks SILENCE On David Dobrik Vlog Squad DRAMA!

In this video I speak on Gabbie Hanna NOT speaking on topics her fans want to hear about & her addressing the drama between herself & the vlog squad, David Dobrik, Liza Koshy

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34 thoughts on “Gabbie Hanna ANGERS Fans, Breaks SILENCE On David Dobrik Vlog Squad DRAMA!

  1. She didnt say she ended the relationship with Shane, just simply wouldn't hang out cuz Andrew, She just removed herself, being mature bout it, you also gotta think bout the simple fact that Shane works ALOTTTT and is always busy, and when he is free well fam he's taking a break they simply are both very busy in their phases of life not cuz Gabbis is scared i honestly don't think that at all beside the fact of her scandals she knows Shane, he is honestly the type to just be himself and not be in drama, Just cuz people aren't filming together doesn't mean that there relationship has changed like look at Laura & Manny fam they've been busy but still friends I think

  2. "I can't do or say anything without a list of things that could go wrong" oh… okay, so that's why she thought that the brush company who was "giving away" $30+ brushes "for the price of shipping only" (up to $30+ also) was a good idea, she thoroughly thought about it!!! Great!!!

  3. Gabbie is the epitome of the words mental health. i wish people would stop ragging on her so much. people are taking what she says the wrong way. there is no Drama with her. People are creating the drama with her.

  4. I plove her so much, she has issues she knows that and she's trying to fix them (therapy)… You can tell she's upset by her voice. I hope people can calm down a little…

  5. Gabbie said she sees Shane sometimes she’s never said they weren’t friends sooo idk why people assume they’re not friends. Gabbie doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone. People are so upset about the damn brushes but like come on you get what you pay for everyone knows that. Nor can she control when a product is shipped out so people need to check themselves first. The hate she gets is ridiculous. Anyone’s mental health would be messed up if you got that much hate. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for just a second. I feel bad that she gets this much hate. Why is it that people can tell her rude stuff but the moment she calls it out she’s in the wrong? She doesn’t have to apologize the person shouldn’t have comments anything rude to begin with.

  6. This just makes feel like Gabbie is really fake honestly. But I’m not sure.. what do you guys think? Maybe she should take a break from YouTube

  7. stars that send their fans after people who criticize/post hate comments ALWAYS say that they were ignorant to the fact that people went and did shitty things but like,,, that's how reality works?? i don't understand how famous people can still claim ignorance about audiences going to attack people who hate their faves. it's so insincere. gabbie should comment to people on her insta that say this shit; it'll still be really easy to find, but less people are going to go to these people's pages and attack them. if she wants to put it on her story, she should totally block out the name. some of the people she's called out ARE underage too, and so it gets even more shady to know that. a 30 year old adult calling out 16/17 year olds never looks good unless they're a) blocking the person's name out, b) commenting directly to the person, or c) dming the person and posting the messages to her story (again, with the name blocked out). celebs need to stop acting like their audiences totally wouldn't send death threats, sui-bait, or attempt to leak personal info about people who criticize people they like

  8. No one remembers that she lied about ricegum hitting her. She could've ruined his life because of petty drama. If thats not acting like an entitled douchebag i dont know what is

  9. I don't understand how people like Gabbie still has a platform online, she fucking promote scam sites to her audience. Sold them overpriced Chinese shit, and worst of all used her fans with mental issues.

  10. Yo. Everyone’s hating on Gabbie now and she shouldn’t have posted the girls name. I one hundred percent agree. But seriously fuck off about Shane and the vlog squad. It’s not your job to fuck around in her business unless she asks. Friends grow apart and y’all had questions, so she explained. So don’t come for her about that.

  11. call me satan idc suck my dick but if someone takes time to write a hate comment and think its okay/funny, i don't feel remorse for them if they get attacked because they started that and they thought that nothing would come with that comment.

  12. So basically.. she addressed all the shit that is her own private personal business that she really didn't owe the explanations for, and completely avoided the important shit that actually affected her own fans, among other people.

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