(Ghost’n’Ghost – Lighthouse ArgoFox) My 2019 Video Production Journey Showreel 2019

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What an absolute roller coaster of a year 2018 has been. With 2018 in the past and 2019 firmly ahead of us it brings a whole new 12 months of potential opportunities.

So here is my 2019 video Show Reel showcasing what I believe is some of the nicer work I’ve done since I started and is a mix of Camera Work, Lighting, Focus Pulling, Gimble work and more, I’ve done this mostly for work purposes but i’d love to share it here with all of you.

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure to work with an abundance of incredibly talented individuals who without their contribution this video wouldn’t exist.

Many thanks to Kevin and Raewyn at Faceboxworld for oh so many opportunities for adventure and my ever talented and incredibly passionate friend Walter Ching at Walter Ching Visuals.

My ORIGINAL Kung-fu master Dennis Murphy of Dennis Murphy Visuals who taught me so much and inspired so much of what I do today, and who I continue to aspire to be as talented as one day.

And so many more; Greg Smith Jodi Scarlett Katsoolis Chase Hauraki Jasmin Fisher-Johnson Micah van der Touw Tim Bell Lisa Maree O’Neill Howard Carl Isaac Bell Hamish Wain

and anyone I’ve missed, many thanks.

Music provided by Argofox:
Ghost’n’Ghost – Lighthouse

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