Ho Chi Minh City & Vietnam Aerial Showreel, Drone, Film/Video Production, Cameraman/Videographer

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DRONE PILOT REEL VIETNAM – OFFSHORE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS – PETER SCHEID FILM Ltd. – ACCREDITED FILM CREW, CERTIFIED FILMMAKER, CAMERAMAN/VIDEOGRAPHER AND PHOTOGRAPHY IN VIETNAM – VIDEO/FILM PRODUCTION AND AS CAMERAMAN PETER IS EXPERIENCED IN VIETNAM, BRUNEI, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, MYANMAR, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, EAST TIMOR, OCEANIA & AFRICA. We produce on and offshore documentations, documentary films, promotional/corporate videos and photography. Website: – We shoot for all kinds of documentary films, corporate videos, TV history films. Fully equipped with Sony 4K cameras, Phantom 4 drones, Canon DSLR cameras, Sachtler tripods, steadicam, sound.



Further aerial photography and film/video from helicopter – HUET Certificate (helicopter under water escape training certification valid from 2016 – 2020).

Accredited & certified to shoot for oil & gas and on other maritime construction sites:

BOSIET (2016-2020)


Contact: peterscheid(dot)film(at)gmail(dot)com

In this showreel shooting all clips with a 4K DJI Phantom 4 drone/flycam.


1 x Sony PXW-FS7 4K camera
1 x Sony PXW-FS5 4K camera + Chrosziel mattebox + sunshade
1 x Canon 5D Mark 3 + field monitor
2 x Sony 4K FDR-AX100 cameras
1 x JVC HD 250 U shoulder camera
5 x GoPros + all extras
2 x OSMO DJI mini action steadycam cameras
1 x Ronin camera stabilizer
2 x Sachtler tripods
1 x ABC 5 meter travel crane, monitor, counterweights, Sachtler aluminium tripod + spider.
1 x IFootage Shark S1 slider.
1 x Phantom 3 gold professional drone for aerial shooting 4K plus 2 batteries.
2 x Phantom 4 professional drone for aerial shooting 4K plus 10 batteries.
1 x DV RigPro shoulder mount
1 x Sennheiser shotgun microphone, foam and Recote windshield
1 x Rhode microphone and windshield
2 x Sony UWP V1 wireless microphone
1 x Set LED lights + 3 tripods, 2 cable reels
1 x LED light 40 x 40 cm, strong battery for night, outside shooting, 1 tripod.

Post production/editing – voice over – royalty free music – final film/video

Director of Photography/Aerial Cameraman Peter Scheid.
Ho Chi Minh City Production Peter Scheid Film Ltd.

Copyright – all rights reserved

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