How much money can you make with VIPKID?

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One of the most common questions I get is “how much money can I make with VIPKid?” So here is the answer and also my personal experience to give you an idea of what to expect.

If you’d like to apply to teach with VIPKid, here my personal referral link:

If you’d like to apply for VIPKid and earn money teaching English from home, here is the link to apply:

If you’ve already applied and are looking for interview/mock tips, check out my interview and mock class walk-throughs:

Mock part 1:
Mock part 2:

Send me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like more info about VIPKid!

Happy teaching!

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23 thoughts on “How much money can you make with VIPKID?

  1. Love your video. I just signed my contract the other day and can't wait to start teaching. I was an ESL teacher for 26 years and a Spanish teacher for 7. I am retired and I really excited about how I can help these children learn English and also make money at the same time to pay the bills. I really love the way you broke everything down and explained what financial potential there is in being a VIPKid teacher. Thanks for the video!

  2. I passed the first demo interview. I signed up for the mock level 3 class. Haven't started yet. I'm a musician with a BS degree in education and theatre. I've been teaching music to infants – 5 yrs. and the then 5 – 12. I'm not sure how this all works yet! But I am so excited because I LOVE to teach in the same way that's required. I have more props than you know! lol! My house is a storage unit for teaching materials! I'm so looking forward to working with Vipkid.
    THANK YOU for your video! I can sleep well tonight!!!!! A God send of a job for me. I not only need the money, but I need to teach. Children bring out the best in me! My son is now 24! I've always been an Early Childhood teacher. I am happiest when doing so. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you for making this video!! I'll be doing my mock X and P soon and I've been nervous to commit because I travel a lot – back and forth for course work between NYC and Louisiana – and have been fearing that I'd have to adapt to a really rigid schedule during times I wouldn't have access to a solid home base.

  4. How well does your Chinese have to be? Do the children speak Mandarin or Cantonese? I'm just wondering because most Chinese students probably speak mainly Chinese and want the words translated over into English words?

  5. Custest moment "I wanna wear this Please" and they way you said "okay let's put on your unicorn costume we know who really runs that household haha <333

  6. You are also the VIP kid Queen. You helped me get the job. I'm in background checks now and waiting til the next step of getting to teach my first class. Thank you for being so REAL and setting expectations on money. You are adorable! I'm sure the kids love teaching with you.

  7. I am in California. Will I have to start the class at 3am? My wife and I just bought an RV last week. We plan to be full timers for 3 months or so. I would be happy to teach for VIPKID for a few hours in the morning. But what equipment will I need? Can I do a hotspot with my appble phone so I can get online to teach?

  8. I want to go to China! Love your tips. I will present my demo tomorrow; wish me luck! (Kassia's husband Michael)

  9. HEY GIRL! I have been wanting to sign up for ages….I emailed last year and never went through with it. I have now signed up but didn't use your referral. As an experienced and certified ESL teacher, talking to a camera is soooo hard!!! Videos help so much! I just finished the express interview option and am waiting to hear back. I would like to give you credit…let me know what I need to do:) thanks girl!

  10. I am very interested in becoming a VIP teacher. I did fill out the application and have been invited to do the express interview. Can you still refer me? Im a certified teacher and also English Language Learner certified and have taught in the public school. Recently a family member has become ill and I've had to stay home to care for them. I still have some reservations and am a little nervous about the interview.

  11. Great video! I've been with VIPKID for 3 years (shortly after they started up). It's been so amazing watching them grow and evolve. I make a little over $2,000 / month (before taxes). I work about 200 classes a month 🙂 I work 7 days a week and take off one 3 day vacation a month. I LOVE what I do. It really is an amazing job and opportunity.

  12. Hi, your video was very helpful, thanks!

    My girlfriend is wanting to get into online teaching. She has just finished a 160-Hour TEFL certificate and has hours and hours of classroom and online teaching experience; also, a Bachelor's degree.

    She's a Filipino native but has native level English. Her accent is very American sounding. She has a video self-introduction here:

    She applied for VIPKid about three weeks ago or so and was rejected, but that was before she passed her certificate. She read that some people got the same rejection and then reapplied and were accepted. Do you think it's worth reapplying with the certificate now, or is this line of work not really possible for Filipinos?

  13. Day 13. Have not taught one class. Yes, it's CNY, but there are many teachers like me being hired and wait endlessly.
    I think your video is factual and I do appreciate that it is your experience, but it seems like there a lot of people (myself included) who have not had any bookings despite following all of the company's recommendations.
    You also discuss cancellations. There is a financial penalty for cancellations in almost ALL cases even if there is a valid reason. This is a crucial detail I believe was omitted.

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