How to Add Music and Audio within the YouTube Video Editor Tutorial

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Learn how to use the YouTube music library and sound effects library, and how manipulate the audio in the YouTube Editor.

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22 thoughts on “How to Add Music and Audio within the YouTube Video Editor Tutorial

  1. THANK YOU! FINALLY SOMEBODY explains clearly how to find and add YouTube's own audio files to a YouTube video. Thank you thank you thank you! YouTube has NOT made this intuitive at all, and clear concise explanations are almost impossible to find — really appreciate this!

  2. This video is worthless because, like many others have stated, my Youtube account doesn't give me any of these options.

  3. What if the music clip is too short? Can you loop it or something? And can you make the music stop at a certain point in the video or will it only play out to the end? Thanks, I'm just learning.

  4. YouTube took out the video editor button. you can only add music to the video and you loos the original audio. I'm trying to figure it out myself! good luck!

  5. 4:00 I don't have the choice to click 'video editor' on my laptop, I've searched everywhere and I can't find any way to add free YouTube sound effects to my videos

  6. y m not getting the vedio editor option under Create??only 2 options are coming fr me. i need this urgently..plz help..

  7. How do you put the music later in the video? I want the begining of my video to have no music . Music I add always goes to the start. I cant seem to move it forward in my video.

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