How To Download FREE Video Editing Software (Best FREE Software 2018)

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In this video, I review the best free and open source video editing software for people looking to do basic to low level professional video editing for work or hobby (such as YouTube).

The three main softwares I researched and reviewed that were my favorite are..
1. Open Shot (Easy Editor)
2. Shot Cut (Professional Editor)
3. Davinci Resolve (Professional Editor)

Others: Lightworks, Blender, HitFilm
Check out other FOSS editors here:

If you are looking to get the expensive editors for free, it’s possible but I’m not allowed to explain in a video, so just do some research.


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39 thoughts on “How To Download FREE Video Editing Software (Best FREE Software 2018)

  1. hey Bro i use Wevideo sometimes because i got the full version because of my school every school in Denmark got a webpages tht is called there we can use full version of animation and editing and things like that FOR FREE

  2. dude you dont know how long have i been looking up for free editing software your a life saver!! keep up the awesome content ^w^

  3. I had shotcut before it was really good but then I wiped my computer and downloaded VSDC lol. I'm downloading openshot right now so ya

  4. I liked shotcut from the videos I saw, but had issues installing it. I think it was my internet connection, gonna try a better internet connection and update this comment.

    But for sure I by the end I want to get Final Cut Pro. Kinda mixing the vlogs with bmx videos and prank videos.

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