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16 thoughts on “How to edit your audio and videos using Filmora video editor

  1. Filmora is The best beginner Software for video editing Its only 60$ I suggest it, it is on sale BTW And i use it, it is the easiest editor once again

  2. Help Mr.Rose i have a request sir please send me the download link or site from where u have created this intro in this video i like it THANKS

  3. Hey, nice video, you got like
    Anyway, I want to ask if you can show me how to speed music in Filmora
    I mean, I know how to do that but it goes too fast and I don't know how to make it a little slower than 1.5
    Always when I try to do that it goes back to 1, If you can help that would be amaizing!
    Thanks <3

  4. how come my filmora doesn't have that transition audio feature, I downloaded filmora for mac, it looks different from yours

  5. please can you tell me how to put off the video sound and put on the audio clip sound.
    basically, i just want to add music to my video and i did it but the problem is both the sounds are playing at the same time

  6. Is there a tutorial for doing a movie review? For example, I want to add the movie footage, but I want to cut to a specific clip and then cut to my commenting.

  7. would you be willing to make a collaboration video with me on how to videos for Filmora I use it all the time and I am getting better and better at it

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