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Thanks so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed it and found it helpful. For me this is just a good setup for beginners .. Someday I hope to get more fancy 😉 Some of the prices might have been a little different then what I thought .. If I missed anything feel free to ask =)

My Makeup Collection Video

My Chola Look

Ring Light

LED Lights

Background Stand

white folding chair

my silver cart

Canon 70D
Lense SIGMA 18-200mm F3.5-6.3

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5 thoughts on “How To Film Beauty Videos | My Filming Equipment

  1. wow this is way better than my set up ahah i love it tho =] i film at night too.. it sucks personality because of work i HAVE to film at night

  2. I have the exact same ring light and mine did not come with anything to attach to the screw to keep it from falling and mine is super wobbly! I get worried its going to fall so I dot put my camera on it! and I think its great but I have the same opinion too!

  3. I get my backdrops from joannes also ! They have such pretty fabrics ..also they always have coupons !I believe those clips are Muslim clips ..I've seen those on amazon ..and the lights you use are awesome ! great video !

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