How to Light Reception Speeches for Wedding Filmmakers

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43 thoughts on “How to Light Reception Speeches for Wedding Filmmakers

  1. Am i missing the name of the lights you used in this video in the your description as you said they were going to be? I'm not seeing them. Can you point them out to me so i can look them up?

  2. Actually, when we talk about affordable lights it is not just about the cost of lights but also the cost of manning them at events. It is best not to leave them alone not just because there are children playing around but also because adults can mess with them. At a conference I had set up two cams while I was anchoring the show. I saw a photographer hovering around one of the cams (wide shot) which he quietly switched off. Real life presents so many challenges!

  3. I see you every day. Plz brother. I used canon 5d mark 3. But your color is very good to me. If you help, it will be very helpful

  4. Of the youtube clips I look at, about 90-95% or more I look through to the very end, be it minutes or hours. When you find really good channels like this one you tend to keep watching. If you are like me alternating between a phone and a tablet to find all this good content I would now like to send out a caution to you people. Although this channel have good sound (amongst many good things)….

    Keep the volume down on your gadgets instead of pushing the volume up just because you don't wanna miss out on something. Give your ears enough rest or you'll regret it. And remember to go out (for fresh air) and practice your vision and learning your gear so you're not watching without cause.

    Oh by the way, if you go to concerts …. think about what more can help you before it can't.
    Perhaps someone wants to make a clip about this subject, I haven't so yet.

  5. interesting idea, I love how the light look, but I kind of like the toast to be natural and let the person walk where they feel comfortable, of course that's not a good idea, but I guess until I have the level to hire someone to monitor the light so they can deal with it while I shoot, then I'll definitely go your suggestion route, this is really helpful. Thanks!

  6. Hey Craig. Curious on how you would go about lighting reception speeches with just 1 Dedo and a Torch? Is it similar to the diagram shown at 1:20. Thanks bud!

  7. the thing about weddings is that youre supposed to be like a ghost, so you cant really just be like 'wait a second before you do that ive gotta light this scene and set up my camera' its all just intimidating to me

  8. Only in the perfect world. Good luck getting speakers to stand in the same spot. People are intoxicated, nervous, fidgety, and some plainly don't like to be told where to stand. You need to use a light with a wide spread that is not pointed directly at the subject. Point it to the ceiling just to give the room some more light. You can also ask the venue to turn up the lights a little during the speeches. When all else is not an option, make sure you have a good low light camera and fast glass. Your advice is good but not practical.

  9. Yo, I dig the videos. I would love to know what AF settings you use. I recently started using an A7s ii and haven't figured out the best settings. It's currently super slow to change focus compared to my C100 mark ii and causing me to miss shots. I'm usually using a Sony 16-35 on the Zhiyun Crane. Thanks!

  10. Hi, thanks for your tutorials. I would like to know, what is the final length of the movie that you give to the couple, thank you

  11. Dedolight vs Lowel Gl-1. Would the GL-1 have enough power to achieve some of the same purpose as the Dedo? If I were to get one, where do you think I should start?

  12. Quick question. How do you deal with getting good guest reactions to toasts if the house lights are dimmed and light is mainly focused on the speechmaker? Great Video Kraig, thanks for the amazing content.

  13. Hey Kraig, Is the Canon 5D Mark IV any good at wedding filming? I want a camera that is good at both photography and film. Also I will be going to film school this year so is this camera any good for film? If you could reply It would be much appreciated.

  14. Hey Kraig, i wanted to ask you a question. During wedding shoots how do you set your white balance for all the different environment ? specially during the ceremonies when we get so little time to set it up quickly?
    thank you

  15. Tell me please. To shoot the wedding it is better to take DJI mavic or DJI Phantom 4 pro

  16. Hi Kraig, great quick tutorial. when choosing your key light for everyday wedding receptions, do you prefer tungsten or daylight? cheers whats better for most venues

  17. Quick question. Do you need to guesstimate the tilt of the light before you raise up the dedo or is there a way you adjust its tilt angle when its high up on the stand?

  18. Firstly, bloody well done sir. The info and execution was just perfect.

    Secondly, we would have SO much fun working together (and do remarkably well at the same time).

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