How To Make Money On Youtube [WITHOUT MAKING VIDEOS] – Make Money On Youtube 2018 For Beginners

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My Make Money On YouTube Course:
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44 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Youtube [WITHOUT MAKING VIDEOS] – Make Money On Youtube 2018 For Beginners

  1. Good day Mackey,how are yo.u doing?i am new student of your bye 9 t0 5 Youtube courseand it's great.i have gone through but yet to full grab it,so i decided to pick it step by step in practice but it's not comiung up.any chance of restoration. thanks,keep up the good work.

  2. hello bro! you have a two courses, so should i take this two courses to become expert for making money here in youtube? or should i take the advance one only?

  3. I have a question. How do those large channel with top 5 videos that they have clearly not all made by tbeirselves get their videos.
    Many of the videos they use are not found when searching the cc licensed videos.
    I hope you can help with this, tnx.

  4. What if you credit or list the video of the original content in your description; Would that help YouTube not flag your channel?

  5. Another Hat Trick ! Congrats . Was wondering are U able 2 find content everyday & is it solely about news w/ hot trending topics ? Also , how long does it take yer average student 2 go through the material & start 2 make $ , presumably if they follow the guidelines ? Appreciate the feedback , Please & Thanx .

  6. Preach that truth brother. I love hearing you talk about multiple streams of income. Multiple streams of income should be everyone's goal, that's the true path to financial freedom!

  7. Hey man, In one of your previous videos I heard you saying that we will have to post our own videos to get monetization enabled. Is there any way to skip that step and publish cc videos and still get approved?

  8. Just curious, where did your "friend" got that alex jones reaction video? Was it from cc or somewhere else? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. Great video mate, I enjoy watching all, your vids. I would like to ask you about teachable, it seems like such a great platform, do you send traffic to it, or is the traffic purely from your YouTube videos on how to make money? And do teachable send any traffic, do they have a link list I was trying to find a broad list of courses on there couldn't seem to find one though. Fuck YouTube and big corporate America, I think Alex is a good guy and for the retards that hate him, they obviously don't watch much of him.

  10. Ppl are dumb, how can making money on youtube & adding a course be a waste of your time. Lmao
    Yeah I just worked 10 hours & wasted all day for a nice $300.
    I rather take the course & make that in half the time from home!
    Ur the Man brother, keep up the great work!

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