How to Make YouTube Videos: Video Production Tips for Business

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YouTube Video Production and Video Editing Tips for Business, Social Media Marketing World 2017: YouTube Video Production from Idea to Execution


Panasonic Lumix GH5
Panasonic Lumix G7
Sennheiser MKE440 Mic
RodeLink Wireless Kit



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27 thoughts on “How to Make YouTube Videos: Video Production Tips for Business

  1. Hey Roberto, I have people wanting to help me with my channel, but my friend recently offered to help edit which is something I'd love assistance with to take pressure off of myself when dealing with some much editing to try and get a "backlog" of videos ready to post. How do you recommend me having him edit my videos? Sending in clips? One piece of raw footage?

  2. I think the mic Roberto talks about at the beginning is the "Rode VideoMic Me". It's a directional mic for smartphones. MEaning it's set up to only record sound coming from one specific direction rather than noise from everywhere. I found it on Amazon for $59. Just thought I'd share since I didn't see it listed in the description.

  3. I love this guy! Not in a weird, creepy way. It's just nice to see someone who is willing and able to help people get their channels off the ground. Way to go, Roberto! The information you provide is extremely valuable and you should have way more subscribers.

  4. Hey Mr. Blake. In an indoor video session (excluding window light) which white balance setting is sufficient, the Incandescent or florescent lighting? Or it doesn't matter as long as its off of auto?

  5. hey robert id just like to say I'm really enjoying your channel these live talks are great …. i hope after a few more years i would be ask to speak at events around the UK …. I love to film now iv really got into it 15 months or so taking it serious …im just trying to find what my niche will be

  6. I use my iPhone 6S to record too and I am going to look for that Rode mic and lighting so that I can make it easier on myself. Do you have any large tripod recomendations for an iPhone though? I only seem to find the table top ones.

  7. Filmed a bunch of interviews on my Nikon D300 and it had the worst sound I have ever heard. I'm still cringing. I go 400 iso f 3.0 with a manuel wb and it looked good.

  8. You are an Awesome guy, You definitely unquestionably deserve more subs, keep up your great work. I like everything you upload, perhaps it's just me? Keep up the great lessons for us wanna bes, It's hard, but with your ahead knowledge it can be easier.
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  9. I love this video, Roberto. Very helpful. I just purchased a RØDE SmartLAV and FiLMiC Pro. Learning how to use both. Taking my vlogging to the next level. Didn't know about AWB. Interesting.

  10. Hey Roberto, thank you for this one. I've been playing around with many different settings on my DSLR since that is all I have at the moment and it was refreshing to see that I was thinking similarly about the camera settings you were going over. I'll have to give the F/2.8 – F/4.0 a try. I've been using a custom white balance via white card and also doing color correction in Premiere Pro. Things are looking up!

  11. Nice info Roberto, thank you for this
    I'm using the Nikon D3200 which if I remember correctly is what you used awhile ago

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