How to overlay audio over your video using AVS Video Editor?

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– Here are the steps on how to overlay audio over your video. Add your favourite track or a voice over that you have recorded!

Program: AVS Video Editor
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21 thoughts on “How to overlay audio over your video using AVS Video Editor?

  1. I see you avoided syncing the video to the audio
    What a horrible program..
    I have audio too slow at the start and too fast at the end,,, how is that possible with only one audio track and one video, both from the same video, plus it will not let me choose my sound card as I have multiple, so I could just record both at the same time. Just wow. Certainly will not be buying this program.. I actually produced the song faster than I could align the vid to the audio when I was done……

  2. Hello. When I import one of my audio files to the editor I lose around 5 seconds of audio. Is there a reason for this. I am re- recording 6 seconds extra of nothing to get around this transfer issue. Otherwise it is a wonderful tool.

  3. Im using Audacity for my youtube videos. I have an audio filed exported already, Im just not sure how to mix and sync them. any advice?

  4. Hello, please make sure you use the latest version of AVS Video Editor Please find the detailed instructions here:

  5. the problem with mine is i can't minimize the overlay audio sound, i've tried this and nothing happened, same with fade in and fade out that's just the problem with mine

  6. Hello, as far as we understand you use AVS Video Converter. In this case we would like to kindly draw your attention to the fact that audio overlay option is unavailable. In order to complete the task we'd recommend you to use AVS Video Editor.

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