How to Record Audio for Wedding Videographers

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31 thoughts on “How to Record Audio for Wedding Videographers

  1. Hi I am new to audio in videography, I want to be filming weddings, I've heard that you can put a mic near/on top of DJ speakers and get great audio? What microphone would you suggest for that? Would a rode mic work?

  2. These are super helpful. I'm just getting into wedding videography and these have helped me decide which gear is a must have and what I can possibly get away with splurging on later. Thanks for the great explanations!

  3. Hello, I been doing video for weddings and I own the canon t3i and t4i but i was looking for something that I don't have to focus all the time. The dslr are great but i always have to focus and if Im moving around it hard to keep focus. If you know any other idea to go about it or any other equipment to use. thank you.

  4. maybe a bit strange question, is there any people out there using a boom mic during a wedding? i gues it's not always as usefull for all the scenes especially the ceremony

  5. i am new to the video world. I am a photographer. what is the right bracket called on amazon so i can search for the correct item. Awesome video!!!!

  6. Great tips, I use a rubber band to hold my mic in the H1N, quick and cleaner then tape. Rubber bands for everything!!!

  7. hey man! Thanks for all these great videos. Question though, with your videoMicPro on manual, are you checking the audio every shot. I find when shooting a wedding or any sort of documentary, it's pretty distracting to have to keep checking before each shot. Then, you might mess with the audio and then miss a shot. See what I'm saying?

  8. I have seen that on your premiere timeline it has all of your audio and video of the ceremony synced up… like down to the exact second… how do you do that??????

  9. Most folks have no idea what a pain in the rear end it all is….though I must admit, gear has gotten small, compact and higher quality results then even a decade ago. All the gear shown in this video fit into the foot print or less then my video camera alone from the early 80's. What I can bring in one bag nowadays produces better results then 8 large cases 2.5 decades ago. Now…look at miniature cameras about the size of the collar mics….hehee, all fits in a sock.

  10. The reason there are 2 RCA cables is because it's stereo. It's not the same signal. If you record them at different levels, either your left or right channel will be lower.

  11. Hey bud, I never recorded audio for weddings. My question is for the reception part. How do i hook my Audio up to the DJ's system and when I do will It record everything even the music being played?

  12. Dude, i just found this vid an i must say – im doing like THE SAME… but i dont have money to buy all that gear but my goal is to do like described here. BUT! There's just one tiny miny problem… How much your video cost? 😀 fell free to write me on [email protected] if u dont want publicly. Then, i will tell you our problem here in Serbia xD Cheers m8

  13. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! I am trying to record sound with Zoom H1 with Sennheiser ME2 Omni Lavalier Mic… but when I plug the mic directly into H1, the sounds only records on one side… Does anyone know why this is?

  14. Very good info. I'm just starting to get into filming weddings and afraid I'm gonna screw up someone's big day the first few tries at it. Your channel is great for giving ideas. I've been looking at and planning to get a DR-70D in the next month or so, so it is great to hear you like it. One question I have is how big an SD card do you put in this device so that you have enough room to record in multiple channels all day long?

  15. You talked about a microphone you have placed back of your t-shirt. It gave a fantastic sound! what is the name of this?

  16. Hey there! Excellent video and very helpful not just for wedding videographers but also handy hints for people like me filming dance concerts. Just a question about the battery you use to power the Tascam recorder, which one is it and how much power does it actually supply?

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