How to Record Great Audio at Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

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36 thoughts on “How to Record Great Audio at Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

  1. Kraig we shot our first wedding in Sept and thanks to your tutorials we did an excellent job! In fact, the couple requested a 2nd video of their fireworks reveal. So we were able to get paid again using footage we already had! We would have been lost without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    Now back to this vid because we need more audio equipment. lol

  2. Thanks for another great video. Possible noob question but what are EQ effects and how do you use them? I guess its equalising but in practice what does that mean for your edit – how is it done and what is its effect. Does it just level out audio peaking or is there more to it? Thanks

  3. this would be a much better test If the recorder wasn't something potentially limiting the mics, do you have a more expensive recorder to test these on? like a sound devices recorder?

  4. Hey Kraig:) I just wanted to know what the difference between the recorders is. I have a SmartLav+ and have it attached to my iphone. Is that okay or should I upgrade to a zoom H1 or H4 or should I just stay with my Iphone. Is there any difference in the sound?
    Thanks so much!

  5. I use a Tram 250 lavaliere connected to a Roland R-05 which is the size of a pack of cigarettes and will place that in the groom's pocket. I also have a Zoom H4N that I tend to use at the reception or to to record ambient room sound during the ceremony if I don't have my Sennheiser ew100 G3 wireless system connected to it.

  6. I love my H1 + Smart Lav+ combo. Ive ran the thing for 6+ hours with no problem. It splits the audio files after a while for size but considering it takes cheap cards and batteries, its a great kit to have in the bag. Even when i upgrade to a better wireless system, its a great, cheap backup.

  7. Thanks for the video. I have the Smartlav+ setup and enjoying it so far. I'm about to shoot a wedding in Sri lanka in December. We'll see how that turns out!. 🙂

  8. Awesome man. I am currently using the smartlav+ into my iphone, which I slip into the grooms pocket. It works well, but ofcourse, it drains my phone and is only a 1 audio system. My question is, how do you mount these? The H1 is definetely somewhat a thick profile… do you just put that in the grooms pocket? Or do you mount it on a belt or something? What about the bride?? where do you hide this system?

  9. Using couple of Sennheiser Wireless combinations with SK300 G3 and EK300 G3 bodypacks and Sennheiser ME2 Mics or SKM100-835 G3 Handhelds. Recording all signals coming together with Zoom H6, for which I also have a couple of mics, like XY, MS and Shotgun MS… – Like this, the records stay with me and I can control them visibly at any time, rather than finding out after an event, that a recorder has not recorded for some reason…

  10. hello kraig! greetings from México! Question: i know you mic the groom and the oficiant, but how do you mic the bride? i mean, its kind of hard with de bride dress and all don't you? thank u

  11. I used a handheld mic splitter to my recorder and dj console at ceremony and reception plus the wireless set so that way I'm in control of the audio 100% no matter what changes the dj could do it will not affect my signal!

  12. Will one Zoom 1 and Smart Lav pick up good audio of the Bride, Groom and Officiant if it's in the Officiant's pocket ?

  13. Hi there, I've just one zoom H1 with rode mic. Do you think, it's is sufficient to cover wedding. I get lots of tips from you. After watching this episode, it appears I need 3-4 zoom. Should I buy another 2 zoom with rode mic to my wedding kit?

  14. Kraig! HUGE QUESTION! Filming a wedding with A7sii as main can with canon glass, and second shooter using 5D Mkiii. HOW TO DO?! Wat settings?!

  15. So I ordered a Rode SmartLav+, a Zoom H1 and the SC3 adapter and they finally arrived! But I'm having trouble finding the best input level for the Smartlav+ on the H1… What input level do you usually record with with this kit? Thanks in advance

  16. I have a really random question: I've been using a glidecam and a7sii for filming and I'm wondering how to best maintain sharp focus. Do you use a follow focus system? Have a higher aperture? Peaking? Just naturally amazing at focusing?

  17. I use a now up to 4 digital recorders from Olympus (DS-30, 2x WS-811, VN-711). I bought them all on eBay very cheap (6-32€ priceII Range) and I use them together with Zalman Mic-1. And you know what – its enough quality for everything what happens during the wedding (64-192kbits), No Matter what it is – Interview or Church Ceremony (Zoom H4n do all the other stuff). I really love this inexpenssive solution.

  18. Hi Kraig!

    As a young wedding filmmaker I love your videos. I've got the Rode Smartlav + and I use a smartphone to record the audio.

    I HAVE a Tascam Dr22WL (similar to Zoom H1) but I rather use a smartphone as it is much smaller!

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