How to Record Perfect Audio for Wedding Filmmakers

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22 thoughts on “How to Record Perfect Audio for Wedding Filmmakers

  1. Your XLR splitter is splitting a mono signal. No need to do this. XLR is for a single mono signal. An xlr y splitter is the same thing as a splitter. All it does is take the mono signal from the original xlr jack and duplicating it over two xlr. You need a stereo 1/8inch to 2 xlr for stereo over xlr.

  2. Joe Khoury
    1 second ago
    I'm a DJ, and run into videographers wanting to connect into my mixer. I don't have issues doing it. The problem occurs when they connect to the back of my speaker. It either lowers my output, or basically shuts off the speaker. I believe it may have something to do with phantom power perhaps? Is that something somebody here can explain. I don't have an audio receiver, but is there a setting to turn off phantom power?

  3. Man y'all are some ungrateful people lol, he's doing this for free, you're not paying anything for this knowledge. If it's too complicated move on to another video or do your own research

  4. I really Hate DSLRs i think everyone that wants to film anything including weddings should leave the DSLR out of it. The audio settings for a photography camera is straight shit.

  5. but with a huge voltage audio signal in some preamp you will burn your small cheap recorder you need to understand how analog signal work first after this you will be able to choose the right preamp for the right recorder

  6. How to reduce the input level directly coming from the Dj mixer as it comes too high as the ceremony process how to control that one

  7. I don't even edit the ceremony or the reception. I just do a 5 min highlight edit and give them all of the ceremony and reception footy straight out of the camera. To achieve this I use a Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic and a Sony Wireless Lav Mic mixed together into my XA20 camera. I then hang the lav above the bride and groom for the ceremony and wherever seems good for the reception. This works out great every time. I throw the XA20 on a tripod in the back and then run around back and forth with the GH4(I do every shoot solo). I had to do this because in my experience no one wants to pay more than $500 to $1000 for a wedding video and they really don't care about any of the editing besides the 5 min cinematic highlight. I did one full 1.5 hour two camera edit once and I will never do it again for under $10k. It took FOREVER to edit! No one seems to care about the long edit. They are just happy to get a video for under $2k. Here are the results:

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