How to Record Perfect Audio for Wedding Videos

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46 thoughts on “How to Record Perfect Audio for Wedding Videos

  1. I've got a Tascam DR-10L, with a 1/8" mini TRS jack for audio input, which I plug my lav mic into. If I wanted to pull audio from a DJ's soundboard, what type of cable would I need?

  2. Some one please help! NOBODY on all of YouTube that I could find gives the information i need for recording toast audio at a wedding. If I buy a Tascam DR-10X and an Attenuator:
    1. What cord do I need
    2. Where do I plug it in
    3. And how do I make sure I'm plugging it into the right spot?!
    I've been trying to figure this out for soooo long. I have no clue how to work XLR or anything audio other than Lav mics and on camera Rode Mics. Please just give me the links to what I need to buy and why :)))))

  3. 2:56 – doesn't auto level override the mic gain setting?

    Have you had any problems draping the mic over speakers? Even using the lowest setting and dual-record, my DR-10L is often full of clipping due to the high speaker output levels used by many DJs. Not an issue as I only tried it as an experiment a couple times and use a different backup method (signal splitter), but I'm wondering if there's a way of making the DR-10L accept higher input levels than I'm aware of.

  4. I'm interested to know how you would mic up for the ceremony. In particular I would like to know how people mic up a female celebrant wearing a dress in the event that there is no out put on the P.A system or as a back up.

  5. I'm looking for a way to record a backup from the toast mic at the reception. Right now I connect a Tascam DR-40 to the DJ soundboard (dual record) and drape a lav mic with Zoom H1 over the speaker (great tip Kriag) I have so many weddings where the DJ's mic cuts out during the toasts, bad battery, too far away, poor signal, someone's pace maker etc… my recordings are bad now too since all the sound was coming from his mic. So now i also attach a Zoom H1 to his wireless mic with a little strap. It really makes the mic big and not easy to hold and I have to use the wind cover (which barely fits) or the breathing is horrible and the B's & P's peak. The DJ's don't like it because now they have to hold this mic that's too big. BUT, this has saved my ass 4 TIMES this year! Get a smaller recorder? Setup a shotgun mic on the head table, unless they walk around.

  6. can you share your DR10L settings for 1) the drape, 2) on talent. I would greatly appreciate it. Also for the DR10x, do you need an attenuator if coming directly from the mixing board?

  7. The two playing together usually causes a phase shift, which is when the waves partially cancel each other leaving you with a tinney sound. Good call on the "drape" method, I like that.

  8. I've just bought it 3 days ago. Thanks for settings. Sad to hear about quitting this channel. Same things about gear on another YT?

  9. Always quality content! I'm filming a movie starting June 15th. We'll be looking for a couple locations in New York including a cool apartment and a lounge if you have any suggestions or would like to come out. We'll be doing a weekly youtube video for the making of the movie.

  10. I've read that you need to use an Attenuator when getting a line signal to this recorder, but I see that you didn't. Is that because you are coming out of the wireless mic receiver and it's a mic output or can the DR-10X actually switch from Mic to Line?

  11. Nice video. I like the experience you share with us. I thought about buying the RodeLink. Do you have any experience with that?

  12. I've loved my Roland R44 for a long long time now, it has never failed me… but damn the size is appealing. I'm so sick of carrying so many different bags to a wedding. I think you just sold me on this!

  13. Great stuff as always, but just to say that you're heavily reliant on the DJ/venue's audio with this setup. I've had at least 10 occasions over the years where the microphone/pa system has been dropping out or hasn't been properly tested, and makes for horrible audio. I ALWAYS have backup lapel mics on the speakers now 🙂

  14. I saw your DR-10L review and bought one (already liking my Tascam DR-60 beast). The day after I got it, it saved a weeding ceremony video (as my other lav somehow changed channel cos it was wireless). Thanks a million.
    In fact, today I used the DR-10L – just cos it's so super-quick to use. Blessings…

  15. TY for making audio capturing seem not so daunting of a task. Lot's of ways to get basically the same result, do it the most simple way.

  16. glad you have a wireless microphone receiver to plug into. In Wisconsin we get to deal with $250 dollar karaoke machines for audio sources. Id like to see Kraig deal with that.

  17. You may have convinced me to switch. Ive been rockin the zoom h6 for a while now And still dont think i have ever used the audio from it at a wedding since ive had a backup that turned out better. Very frustrating

  18. I was going to buy the Tascam DR-10L, but heard there was a defect with them and the mic attachment. Apparently, the lav mic doesn't stay connect properly to the recorder and comes loose/out sometimes when recording. Has this happened to you or have you heard about this?

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