How To Speak With Business Owners So You Can Sell Video Production Services (Real Client Interview)

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I’m super excited to share an interview I recorded with Chad Gergely for The Wednesday Show. Chad’s a client of mine who brought my team up to create marketing videos for Higher Health Clinic in Fort McMurray, and in this video he’s gonna share a business owner’s perspective on investing in video production services.

I can’t wait for you to see a glimpse into the mind of another business leader I’ve had the honour of working with, and I know it’s gonna boost your confidence the next time you pitch videos to a client!

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10 thoughts on “How To Speak With Business Owners So You Can Sell Video Production Services (Real Client Interview)

  1. Great points in this! I love the point “The dumbest thing you could do is cut your rates lower”

    Target a different genre.

    Everyone is undercutting but quality and your ‘approach’ always wins I guess.

  2. Hey Marcus. I have a question to ask you related to taxing a final product for a client. Is there a contact that’s best to reach you by?

  3. The client interviews are clutch. Just like business owners don't always know to use a professional videographer, we videographers don't always know how they think. This empowers us to be an asset to business and to make a living ourselves. This helps make the world go round.

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