How To Start Vlogging & Get Views –  A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube SJ STRUM

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Hi I’m SJ – I’m a Mummy Vlogger with 3 children. I started YouTube a few years ago with no idea of how to edit, what equipment I needed, how to get views, how to title and tag a YouTube Video and what types of Videos I could do. I’ve learnt as I’ve gone and hope this overview and tips on how to start a vlog, youtube channel and Mummy Vlog specifically will help you if you’ve decided to make 2019 the year you start your own youTube Channel! Ask me anything else below and don’t forget to hit subscribe to follow me and let me know if you do start a channel!

SJ x

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31 thoughts on “How To Start Vlogging & Get Views – A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube SJ STRUM

  1. Hi, thanks for this video. I have a question, you mentioned after 3 months it’s possible to get your videos onto the channel mum channel. Do you need a certain number of subscribers in order to do this? Xx

  2. This is so so helpful, thank you so much! I've saved this video so I can watch it over and over again as I begin to build my channel ❤️❤️

  3. I’d love to start a channel but I’m such a saddo and I’d care far too much what someone would think of me doing so! I love your accent so much! X

  4. Loved this video! Thanks so much for all the tips and advice. I’ve really got my teeth into my channel this month as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages but never really got going properly. Here’s to 2019!

  5. Really informative easy to follow video!! A follow up idea would be to explain how people go on to make this a viable job and make money from it? Thank you SJ! X x

  6. Thanks for this video! I just hit 1,000 subscribers and I want to take it a bit more seriously now as I've had a few months off due to a busy time with my MA! X

  7. Such a helpful video. I’ve seen a few of these videos for other mummy vloggers, but this was by far the best, you went into so much detail…. loved it! xxx

  8. Hi SJ thank you so much for this fantastic video! I've been thinking of starting my own channel for a long time and found this really encouraging. Do you know of any UK community's like channelmum for other niches or how I would find those? Thanks so much, keep up the good work! x

  9. This was really helpful! I’ve fluttered in vlogging for the past couple of years. I started of doing ‘DITL vlogs’ but much prefer doing sit down videos now xx

  10. This was really interesting, funny as I was thinking about this for a while but not sure I'd be good enough! What are the main items you'd recommend to buy to get started? x

  11. Hi, can you explain how people make money from it?

    Is it the adverts that pay?

    I see plenty of vloggers living such lavish lifestyles all paid for by their vlogs. Can it really pay that much?

    I also understand they'll get money from doing adverts and promotions of certain products.

  12. This was so helpful! I always start my videos by saying Hi but never introducing myself! I will try to adopt this for my new videos! On the road to my goal of 1,000 subscribers!

  13. Couldn't have done a better how to start vlogging guide! Well done, SJ. That will be so helpful to any new vloggers or enthusiasts out there. xxx

  14. I love videos like these. They're really helpful. I've wanted to vlog for a long time. I think I'm more of a sit down vlog person. I really enjoy editing and I'm always curious about which software people use.

  15. Love this! Great tips:)! I did a video on how I started on my cell phone haha totally can relate so everything you said hehe I wish we had something like channel mum in the us:/

  16. So helpful! I’ve been contemplating starting a mummy vlog a lot lately. Since I moved to a new city with my hubby, I’ve felt really lonely and have been struggling with adjusting. I thought it would be a fun way to ease that and share my experience with my first pregnancy (currently in second trimester!!)
    Thanks for the tips xx

  17. I know this isn't your baby names but could you please help me I don't know anyone better!!!
    I really like Ryla for a girl but not convinced I'm completely stuck on boys names! I really like unique names that not many kids will have but nothing to out there I also really like if they could have a nickname
    Thank you SJ Xxx

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