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THIS IS MY FAVOURITE COUNTRY I HAVE EVER TRAVELED! You simply must put the Philippines on your bucket list. The most beautiful landscapes and the most incredible people.

All Philippines Vlogs in the order they occured:

If you’re coming to the Philippines, I have made a complete video guide for you!

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  1. I wrote out an itinerary based on what gathered from your video. Can you or someone check it. I only have 10 days so I would like to add more time in El Nido. Is this itinerary reasonable or too much?

    Day 1 (sat) vietnam to Manila to Cebu take jeepni (4 hour) to southern part of Cebu and take ferry to Dumaguete (karaoke and drinking or sleep early to be rested for Siquijor. Long flight.
    Day 2 (sun) morning take ferry to Siquijor island. Rent a car. Go to salagdoong beach. Jump off cliff. Eat aboodalfite. Community dinner thing.
    Day 3 (mon) back to Dumaguete to Oslob. Whale sharks. $30 to swim with whale sharks. Go at 6am if you can. Then go to tumalog falls. Go to pier at oslob and ask for boat ride to Bohol ($20/passenger). Hard to find stuff online for this.
    Day 4 Bohol. Go to alona beach. Spend the day on beach.
    Day 5 (wed) 2-3 hr drive to chocolate hills then go to big pier and take boat back to Cebu city. Take jeepni to badian (2-3 hr bus ride).
    Day 6 (thurs) badian canyoneering (badian cebu canyoneering company) and at end is Kawasan Falls. Go to Dumaguete then to Apo Island ($15 per person).
    Day 7 (fri) Apo Island. $10 snorkel. Sea turtles and beautiful island. Back to mactan or Cebu airport. Take flight to El Nido (puerto princessa, Palawan) $15 for a Van to take you 4-6 hours away to El Nido
    Day 8 (sat) small lagoon, El Nido. Check out your a or tour c. Tarraw cliff. Dangerous hike up. Get a guide (1 hr hike). Can use a dive shop. But amazing view at top.
    Day 9 (sun) day trip to nacpan beach with motorbike. HIS FAVORITE beach in Asia. Then take 4-6 hour bus to Puerto Princessa.
    Day 10 (mon) – Manila to hanoi

    If have more time, can scuba dive in El Nido area.

    If want more time in El Nido (like one more day in nacpan beach, must cut something).

  2. I just got back from the Philippines let me just say the Filipino people are the nicest i have ever met amazing people love from lebanon ❤

  3. Pls dont avoid mindanao it has a lot to offer too.. not all places of mindanao is unsafe.. there are also places where you can visit like general santos where manny pacquiao lives and davao where the current president lives and also iligan and camiguin i recommend them.. also caraga region.. definitely a must see..

  4. I'm so dissapointed other pinoy locals telling foreigners mindanao isn't safe. Those assholes don't know nothing about the beauty of mindanao. Oh and by the way our president Duterte is from mindanao and by the way Davao is the safest place safer than Luzon.. that's a fact.

  5. I went to the Philipines and literally spent all my time between Manila and Quezon City mainly bc most of my family live there and it was an expensive holiday aswell but I am sad we didn’t go to any of these islands bc they are so beautiful but I miss it all soo much

  6. Its about to be my 3rd going to the Philippines but I’m gonna be staying mainly in Manila. Mainly because I’m going there for Christmas with my family there.

  7. You Should not go here in Mindanao It's a Cool Place but Dangerous My place here in Mindanao for me is safe for you'rs not safe why? because about the drugs or smoking it is not fun here but if you visit here it is so cool that you cal explore and it's way cheaper than the other continent.

  8. Mindanao is a safe place… Its more peaceful than of manila! Its unfair to us the people of mindanao that our place is not safe. You never have been here. Try to visit davao, general santos city, surigao, bukidnon, siargao and the province of south cotabato.. We have a lot things to offer… It is stereotyping. I am sorry for this comment but i am offended and sad.

  9. i have been to Cebu and it was so beautiful! even though i am born in the philippines it was still so beautiful! and the funny thing is that, thats not how you say Bohol XDD

  10. Gross negligence on your part for not putting in your travel map Davao City which was cited as the safest place to visit or place to live in. Pls. take note for record that when Boracay was temporarily closed Siargao, Camiguen islands & Davao City all part of Mindanao area are among the top travel destinations of PH both by local & foreign tourist alike, pls.check it out ,no wonder sorry, you got dislikes possibly from dissapointed would be Filipino subscribers. Thanks anyway for showcasing the PH as part of your travel vlog. kindly check it out with other foreign vloggers like kyle of Canada, Finn Snow, Fighter Boys, Sonny Side, Making it Happen by Mike & Nelly just to mention some of the many so as to sustain the fact that I presented above. I'm from Mindanao born & raised there presently live in Manila since 1969. I still SUBSCRIBED keep up your good work and gain more likes & subscribers.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful tips. You are a great storyteller. I love it. We're planning to go to Cebu, Bohol and Palawan in Feb next year. I will definitely follow your itinerary. Do you have any lodging accommodation suggestions? Thanks

  12. people are saying that mindanao is unsafe but it's true, that doesn't mean that Mindanao can't have beautiful and amazing places. The beaches in Mindanao are the prettiest and the most peaceful places. In 2018 there are terrorists now and lives are being threatened.

  13. Avoid Manila.There Are Many Drug Addicts There.. and Some Kidnappers Accidents may happen too..

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