How to use Sliders for Wedding Filmmakers

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21 thoughts on “How to use Sliders for Wedding Filmmakers

  1. Would this be worth with gimbals now days? Often you don't have a much time for staging during the weedings, and have to act quick and good. Sliders seams to be more a studio setting equipment rather than a field documentary tool. Maybe apart from the ceremony where you can use it on the tripod. But that's all in my opinion. Handheld, internal stabilised footage with slow motion are the perfect option for such events.

  2. What are the good sides to use a slider instead of a gimbal or a monopod with fluid head ? You can have shots really close to a slider, but with the slider you loose the mobility of those.

  3. Excellent Video. I learned a ton and I've watched way many Toobs. Thanks!
    Cheers to the wedding footage, the couple is luckier to have found you than each other.

  4. Sorry you get asked this a lot but how much do you make? Because I’m really into this stuff and I just feel like everyone wants to do this I just want to know how to start out and if I should make this a living

  5. Extremely helpful videos, your work as shown here in YouTube has been very helpful and inspirational to me from the technical and artistic aspect of wedding film making, thank you !

  6. Nice job Kraig.I really appreciate wedding film school tutorials, very informative and educative.Following up from Kenya (Africa)From your explanation on the use of slide i can see you used most of the time 24 and 35 lens and you did mention that you need wide angles.What is the difference of using 85mm,16-35 as i think they can achieve both wide angles?

  7. Thanks for the great video. What head are you using just under your camera? I dont see any of the links show this? Im assuming with the head you are using that you could also do a up/down slide

  8. This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for making this. I just got the slider plus m small and am going to use it for the first time at a corporate shoot one day and then the next a wedding so this was invaluable. I will be using both the canon C20O AND THE SONY 6500. You do great work and I am going to steal some tips. LOL! Excited to tackle my first time using. You are the best!

  9. Hello I am abhishek pathak India. I am a video editor spilce of edius & primer pro. Can I contect you personally.
    Grate job bro. I like that slider video tips.

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