How YouTubers Get Paid

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This is my personal answer to the question, since I get asked it often in real life.

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21 thoughts on “How YouTubers Get Paid

  1. I'm really looking for an online job to make money now, I'm currently on a holiday for a month, and I totally have no idea what to do, but I noticed at the end of the video, when Alan said something about be one of his Patreon. I don't really get it, can anyone tell me? Is it like I work for him to design animations and get paid? I'm just asking, I just really need something to do now that I could do to make money.

  2. so are you saying i have to have 1,485 or over to get a dollar you want to hear how many views iv'e ever gotten it was 12

    [Edit] feel bad i now watched i understand now

  3. sometimes if i like the content I watched and the effort of the youtuber is genuine, I don’t skip the ads till it ends and even clicking it if i am entertained or informed.

  4. Interesting video & good point about Adblock. How much a Youtuber makes from their channel depends on the content too. I'm only small fry compared to Alan Becker, but I tend to make more from sheet music sales (I'm a composer) than I do from ad revenue. I've always wondered how much the guys selling T-shirts get from those..

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