How YouTubers Make Money With Their Vlogs

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The woman who opened fire at YouTube’s headquarters Tuesday was in a rage over her videos being “censored.” “If you go and check my videos, you see that my new videos hardly get views and that my old videos that used to get many views stopped getting views, so this is because I’m being filtered,” Nasim Aghdam, 39, said in one video. Over the last decade, it’s become a vlogger’s dream to be YouTube “rich and famous.” How realistic is it to make a living off YouTube?

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27 thoughts on “How YouTubers Make Money With Their Vlogs

  1. i find you-tubers/streamers who wear little or clearly revealing attire while taking donations from weezles getting off on watching them play games highly inappropriate – why doesnt youtube find these you-tubers inappropriate?

  2. You guys talk about 10000 subs and 12000 to 16000 dollars a year as if they’re small amounts. I know it may be hard for y’all to believe, but if YouTube isn’t your full time job, that’s A LOT. One of my favorite YouTubers, Laurenzside, made the crossover to doing YouTube full time last year. And she’s talked about how that’s a BIG move. So maybe actually put yourself in other peoples shoes before acting like that kind of money is just like a couple pennies, or that many subscribers is just like 5. Cause when you’re starting to get out there, it’s probably EVERYTHING.

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