I have a brain tumor.

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Curve ball from life! Everything still feels pretty surreal, but I’m getting through it. Queue jokes about shitty brain surgery robots.

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30 thoughts on “I have a brain tumor.

  1. Hope you get good surgery, and that you feel better soon. That everything is gonna be okay. Maybe you're already done?! Then I wish you a fast and good recovery.
    I looked up ''brain tumor surgery'' because my dad will be operated today for his brain tumor (5x7cm). They're gonna remove the most of it, and they're gonne see if they can remove it from his eye nerves as well. But this depends if it's soft, or hard of something. Hope everything will be okay.

  2. I feel so bad for making fun of her on rewind, when she talked about feeling sick I thought it was a cold or flu, I wanna die now

  3. Simone, you were very brave about all this. I would have freaked out badly. I had sinus cancer and my surgeon had to remove most of the left side sinuses along with the exterior part of the left side of my nose. That would definitely have not looked that nice on someone a pretty as you are. I am happy you did so good with your surgery. BTW – My neurosurgeon's name was Dr. R. Lucky. I had to ask him if the R on his name badge meant REALLY, but sadly it meant Robert. It would have been a trip if in real life his name was Dr. Really Lucky. LOL

  4. your positivity is admirable. I learned about you through your TedTalk and here I am subscribing to your channel because you bring hope to my anxiety

  5. I came here from YouTube Rewind, and was wondering about what you meant about being sick. At first I thought you got the flu, or something, but nope. It was way more serious. I'm very glad that you're okay, though. This video made me cry. Subscribing for sure.

  6. I hope you survive without any complications love you Simone you really inspired me to not let my engineering college drive me to insanity. TAKE CARE

  7. I love you so so so much your hell’s funny like your my inspiration to be myself and like no one els thx to you god bless you man

  8. I’m here after the surgery and I know that she’s okay but even if she did lose an eye, she could just make a shitty robotic eye 😉

  9. My daughter introduced you to me last night through Rewind (what the hell is that?? I'm old), and we watched your Google Home videos. I found your sense of humor, your perseverance, and grit (yes, I'm a teacher) to be inspiring! So much so, I introduced you to my sixth grade class today (of course with disclaimers about language! 😀 ). I just watched your tumor video, and can relate as I had a cancer diagnosis and suffered a small stroke within six months. I get tumor humor (think "best" cancer a guy can get to make fun of) and often make fun of my lack of memory on my stroke. Please keep pushing forward. I had one girl call your video "girl empowerment" and my boys LOVED your soup robot! I'll keep watching and rooting for you as you continue your recover. Your sense of humor can only help you heal, so keep up with the #tumorhumor as it makes those of us in the know, giggle uncontrollably! Thank you for finding your voice and helping others find theirs!

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