I made the hardest beat EVER *Crazy* (FL Studio Beat Making VLOG)

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It’s finally Here! I’ve been waiting so long to share this with you! In this video I finish the wait with the final trailer and release my baby to the world! I made the hardest beat EVER, crazy even! This was a fl studio Beat making vlog showing up some cool sounds and sound selection technique.


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“Making a Beat” is a series about creating beats and sharing ideas on the beat making process. Producer love to watch other producers be creative and want to learn about other peoples workflow in Fl Studio.
I will be making Hip Hop beats, rap beats, trap beats, EDM beats, Pop beats , top 40 beats and many more throughout my producer vlogs. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the videos!

I made the hardest beat EVER *Crazy* (FL Studio Beat Making VLOG)


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30 thoughts on “I made the hardest beat EVER *Crazy* (FL Studio Beat Making VLOG)

  1. If ya want a faster way to browse and audition your samples, middle click with the scroll wheel on your mouse. This works for samples, plugins, midi, etc. Incredible beat! Really dope kit! Love your work brotha.

  2. What i want to see are HOW those type of loops are made, in full, such as the vocals with the pads and the fullness and all de good tings!

  3. What's up
    I've been checking your channel daily, hoping for new content..
    Ild love to see you uploading new content.
    Bought your drum kit and I'm loving it btw

  4. Hello Sikky Beats! What is the difference between your Quantum Kit and Space Age V1 Kit? Do the "Alright" Loop come with one of the Kits? 🙂 Keep up the good work! Thank you for sharing all of your information, I can use all of your videos, so that means a lot!

  5. Your music is pretty insane and inspiring not gonna lie. Just out of curiosity, is this your main profession or is it more of a side thing. Feel free to not answer it btw since i know it's on the more personal side.

  6. Could you do a video on how to use analog equipment to record/mix in FL studio? Like set it all up and getting it all to work in the DAW. I want to get into analog gear but have no idea how to get it all set up

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