Lighting & Shooting Overhead Video || Quick Tutorial

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I give the details of my affordable all-in-one overhead setup that I’ve used over the past few months. It’s the most convenient lighting & camera setup to shoot overheads. Professional quality on a budget!

Lighting Kit:
Blog Post for more in-depth guide:

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15 thoughts on “Lighting & Shooting Overhead Video || Quick Tutorial

  1. Great video Alex! Could you elaborate on what accessories you were referring to when you mentioned using an iPhone for shooting?

  2. How you attaching the camera to the light stand? Seem to be screwing it in but most light stands don’t have thread?

  3. you can use a 35$ background stand and a 5$ clamp to shoot overhead. You will still need the lights, though πŸ™‚ (Or a manfrotto 131db on a tripod)

  4. How do you use 2 hanging (1 for the overhead camera and 1 for the overhead lighting) when there's only 2 included with the 3 point lighting kit?

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