JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — In a story July 10 about a plane crash in Alaska, The Associated Press, relying on information from Alaska State Troopers, reported erroneously the name of the pilot. Troopers no.

Happy 4th Of July I guess some of you missed me and wondered what I have been doing.

The movie was called North to Alaska, but I can tell you nothing else about it because I spent the whole time wondering whether it would be necessary to amputate my right arm, which was not getting an.

Jun 25, 2018  · A blog about the lives of eight American Girl dolls living in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Alaska Volcano Observatory says lava has flowed into the crater atop an Aleutian Islands volcano. The circular lava flow was spotted Monday at Mount Cleveland. The flow measure.

Living in Alaska – Life in the. It is Christmas day, and I am sitting in the living room with Steve, It is so nice to be back to my blog again,

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska’s last two Blockbuster video stores are calling it quits, leaving just one store open in the U.S. The stores in Anchorage and Fairbanks will close for rentals after Sun.

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The last great frontier, Alaska might be part of America, but it's unlike any other state.

Living in the North, Exploring the World. Greg and I got off to a pretty late start, and friends from Whitehorse flagged me down as we left the motorhome, to confirm directions I’d given them to the Inspiration Point Mine.I led them down the highway to a spot where I could show them the access, and by 10:45, Greg and I were back up at the parking.

One of the most luxurious lodges in Alaska, and one of the most remote anywhere. “Their brains can’t quite comprehend what their eyes are seeing.” Inside is a living room called the Commons, anchor.

For me, living the mobile life is the true pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow! It’s a bright ray of hope in a dark and stormy world.

2. When I first moved to Southeast Alaska I hated how it was foggy or overcast most of the time and that it rained so often. Now I’ve started to really love it.

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FAQ About Living in or Moving to Alaska. Updated: Tuesday, 26-Dec-2017 15:47:02 MST I seem to be getting an increasing number of emails from people considering moving to Alaska who want information from a person who actually lives here.

"[I] was interested in learning some of the traditional skills of living close to the land as my ancestors had. He has photographed indigenous communities in Alaska, Australia, Canada, and Scandina.

A couple places that caught our eye during our first stroll: Those booths are both on the south block of California SW, betwe.

I’m not reflexively afraid of living better through chemistry. that number now is barely a million in some years. Alaska has done much better. They have the world’s largest wild salmon runs because.

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Life in Alaska. People ask me all. and links to posts in my blog that deal primarily with life in Alaska. and this FAQ about Living in Alaska I put together.

A Day in My Life in Ketchikan, AK / Blog, Seasonal Jobs CoolWorks, the hands-down best site for finding seasonal jobs, is hosting an event called CoolWorks 24/7-11 today.It’s meant to showcase days in the lives of various summer seasonal workers.

The reason Alaska lies in that box thousands of miles from where it actually belongs is to make it easier for you Outsiders to remember we actually exist as.

This is a great simple Halibut Olympia Recipe for wild caught Alaska halibut. We have lots of halibut recipes, but this is a staple.

As we gather with thousands of our relatives from all over our region, and as far north as Alaska and Canada. So we must b.

Alaska is a big place and no blog could sum it up. This is my slice of life living in Homer, Alaska.

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Some people shudder at the thought of living in the woods. For me, it was a gateway to another realm. In a society that bleeds technology, instant gratification, and convenience, many of us are left craving challenge and independence. That’s why moving to a cabin in remote Alaska was one of the.

Blog Richard Branson English billionaire Richard Branson revealed the horrific damage inflicted upon. appeared to be OK amid the destruction of the property. He suggested in the blog post the Category 5 storm was the r. We took shelter from the strongest hurricane ever inside

By David Besnette for Assisted Living Directory. There are a few places you can go to learn about Alaska’s assisted living regulations, which we highlight in this blog post.

The old windsock remains at the other end of the airport, giving pilots an additional “tool” to evaluate the wind before land.

We would love to feature your cruise adventure! Please use the form below to send in photos and stories from your Holland America vacation to be featured on the blog as well as on one of our other social media channels such as.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska’s last two Blockbuster video stores are calling it quits, leaving just one store open in the rest of the nation. Kevin Daymude, general manager of Blockbuster Alaska, s.

A blog about our experiences in building our home off-grid and how the progress of that is going along with what off-grid living is like for us.

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Read 49 fun facts about the 49th State. Use them to impress friends and relatives or other travelers on your spectacular Alaska Wilderness adventure.

16 Ways Living In Alaska Ruins You For Life. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only lived here for a couple years or for your entire life, the second you move away from Alaska.

We strongly believe in the power of the Healthy Living Blogs community and are always looking for fresh, exciting ways to promote one another and nurture the relationships between bloggers in our genre.

The original column begins here: Back in 2006, Americans learned that the federal government was going to pay most of the cost of a $398 million project to provide road access to an island in Alaska w.

The Lede is tracking reports of the damage. Mr. Simons said that so far, he was not aware of any deaths of U.S. citizens living in Chile. But he cautioned that the U.S. Embassy in Santiago was stil.

We were going to advocate for more flexible models for restructuring schools (see my blog last week) but we were in the bottom half of the speakers’ roster, so the call was over before we had our chan.

When Isabella Blatchford learned last month that a fellow Alaska Native had won the Iditarod, she didn’t jump and shout with joy like her friends at home — at least, not right away. "This is a huge c.

The Cunningham Family Pages. Home; About Us; A Guide for Living in Rural Alaska; 7.13.2018. I also wrote two blog posts this week about books:.

Alaska Wildlife News is an online magazine published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Well, it’s been close to 2 years now living in my little motorhome. I’m on the road nearly every night in a new place, doing my best to live comfortably, healthy, and happily.

With all remaining permits to live in their area to expire in less than 100 years, thereby eliminating human presence in the ANWR, the series chronicles the last age of frontier living in Alaska. The.

Rinko is the consummate homemaker as well as a sensitive caretaker at an assisted living facility for the elderly. It’s a.

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