Make more money …by speaking better

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Speak well. Earn more. There is a direct correlation between communicating well and earning more money.

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21 thoughts on “Make more money …by speaking better

  1. Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to share this story with everyone today, everyone that reads comments and the Sultan himself (at first, I just wanted to mail him but on second thought it’s better for everyone to read it, bear with me, a lot of details will be mentioned to add up to the overall picture).

    Disclaimer: I am from Romania, Eastern Europe, my English is clearly not the best and I do apologize for grammar mistakes or certain expressions or ideas that are a little hard to understand. I will try to be as simple as I can in my writing.

    It goes like this:

    Thursday, 10th of January. I slept like crap after the training session on Wednesday night, got my ass handed to me, got injured in my left knee. Woke up at 5AM on Thursday morning feeling like a Silverback Gorilla was on my shoulders. Got up eventually. Made the coffee, took my carnitine, my water with honey mixture. I struggled to get to the gym and it felt like crossing the Siberian frozen land (it’s snowy in Bucharest). My mind was in a very strong foggy state, I had a fog in my eyes, not even a pre-workout (I use them only when needed) could not shock my body and mind to wake up. I did make it to the gym eventually, trained (I usually train in the morning, caveman style, adapted to grapplers). I continued to feel like crap. Wrote a text to my boss saying that I might not make it today to work, just feeling horrible. I did finish my routine, showered, got home, ate a good breakfast, got my work stuff and got to the office.

    My mind continued to have this “fog of war” state and I was clearly not in the zone, I started to do the tasks, but everyone could see this. Not even coffee or a good lunch helped.

    Around 3PM the magic happened. Near my office building there is a market where you can buy food, nuts, fruits, whatever you like. I have a daily ritual to go and stretch the legs to get nuts, fruit, coffee…it takes me 10-15 minutes from the building to the market. When I started to go back to the building, I stumbled upon an old female friend, let’s call her Chris (she went to college with my brother, we went to several partiers, kept in touch, we have also mutual friends). I recognized her, and she was with another woman, let’s call her Ana. The moment that made a huge difference was my greeting of them, but I only knew Chris and I said “Good day ladies, how are you today? Chris, congratulations on your new fitness journey with David (David is a guy who is a PT and a total badass, friend of mine, I’ve recommended him to Chris when she asked me for help).” As I was rushing to get back to the office to finish the daily tasks, so the two women were rushing to get some food and drinks for a late lunch.

    Within literally 10 minutes (I am dead serious), Chris texts me “hey, how are you?”, “Fine, I want to finish the day, get home to rest, started training camp for the season, blabla”, “my friend, Ana, was pleasantly surprised today when you said hello and smiled at us, she asked me who are you”, “wait, what?”, “I am not joking, I’ve told her who are you, that you work here in the area, that you do combat sports, caveman training, you like to read, blabla; she wants to meet up”, “get out of here”, “look her up on Facebook, she wants to hear from you, dumbass”.

    Now, don’t imagine that I am a beauty standard in masculinity or whatever. I am 6’4’’, around 235lbs, black short beard, bald, both my ears are “cauliflower ears” (common sight with grapplers), a purple eye from sparring, you get the idea.

    So, I look up Ana on Facebook, I introduce myself, we chat back and fourth about 5-10 texts and then I ask her out. Within 15 minutes, I got a date with her, asking her out with a clear and precise time (Saturday evening, 8PM), location (coffee and teahouse, very intimate, perfect for dates). She said yes in blink of a text. Ana is around my age, very beautiful, slim but with nice feminine curves, she has a big smile, a little shy.

    So, from this story I will get to the principles of what I want to say: even when having a horrible day, nothing seems to work, just a total mess, have the power to be polite, smile, say hello and ask people how their day is. Maybe less than 15 seconds it took when she first saw me, but those seconds made a huge impact, all because I had the power to be a decent, polite man, despite anxiety and depression hammering me.

    Now, you might say, “it’s just a date, calm your d**k”. No! It’s something important. It was exactly what I needed. It may look like a minor victory, but all those minor incremental victories and good decisions that one will make and achieve over time will add up to something great. It takes time? Yes! It’s simple? Yes! It’s easy? Hell no! Tim Kennedy says this a lot, the progress via small incremental decisions that will add up in all areas of life to become “hard to kill” or “sheepdog”; it’s his thing, go look it up.

    Be strong, gentlemen! I guarantee you that even in the worst of times, the darkest of hours, the most grueling of challenges, if you have the power to be calm, strong, masculine, you will overcome them and good will rise from those situations. It’s though, it breaks you, life will break you, it broke me a lot of times, but that’s how a muscle works. By breaking it, the muscle will become stronger. And I must thank Jiu Jitsu for that, I did not quit and held my ground even in the face of anxiety.

    Educate yourselves, gentlemen! Educate the body with training, good and healthy foods, sleep, educate the mind with books and shows that will teach you something, educate the soul with productive and happy relationships. Cultivate yourselves and change will come but have the patience and do not rush your progress.

    As for the Sultan, thanks for all your work on the Daybreak Show! You helped me by doing the videos and I’ve listened. If you ever want to take my story and share it, comment on it, do a video, it would be a true honor for me.

    I hope that this story will help inspire people to become better versions of themselves with each small but good decision that they make.

  2. Would love an intro to classical music from you. Big fan of Classic rock, and blues. I'm working on jazz. I just can't get with classical but I feel it's due to something I don't know. Bring it ! ! !

  3. I like all the mainstream classical music. Moonlight Sonoma, hall of the mountain king, flight of the valcary and ode to joy

  4. The sultan Saladin defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Hattin in 1187 … with chopsticks, using the vortex method, the best way to optimize your military strategy at the molecular level.

  5. So glad I found this channel.. I just want to thank you for what you do George. I know you are helping a lot of lost men out there because I'm one of them. This will be the year I get unstuck! looking forward to hear more of your wisdom. thanks again for everything you do.

  6. reading a thesaurus with chopsticks, using the vortex method, the only true way to increase your vocabulary at the molecular level

  7. Came here because accidental recommendation smoking pipe from 1-2 years ago, when he looked like Gandalf, it is so spiritual and beautiful to watch this guy's content. Like spiritual awakening. I just bought my first pipe and took slow puff and pleasure of smoking it. This guy is awakening passion for enjoying in my life and in every stuff I have, to appreciate it.

  8. Hi sultan, i know i am off topic but any advise on relation ship.i am 40 yeats old been maried for 10 years n single for 5 now and dating is horrible o feel like a produce you buy and return i got all the excuse you can immagine …plz help me i still belive in love but i feel just like the next ex on ladies list

  9. Sir it's really lovely to listen to you everyday and ur guidance is incredible. I want some UNSTUCK consultation from you.

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