Make youtube video with Youtube Movie Maker

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Easy to Make and Upload Youtube Videos from various videos, pictures, musics, songs, texts, etc.

Key feature:
Make youtube video from various videos, pictures, musics, songs, texts, etc.
Directly batch upload lots of videos onto Youtube.
Auto convert lots of various videos to right profile and format then upload onto Youtube.
Promote uploaded youtube videos to get more views.

With Youtube Movie Maker, we can easy to make/edit and upload good youtube videos with great effects, click below link for more online video guides:

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34 thoughts on “Make youtube video with Youtube Movie Maker

  1. Freaking app is obsolete & only best for simple vids, ive tried rendering more complex higher res ones but takes too long & always fails. Giving up now, shouldve used Ae or Pr.

  2. I might be better to go back to the free youtube movie maker,,as this platinum youtube video maker is just a scam to keep upgrading,,also why do you buy this and pay to a company in Germany,,,worthless waste of a lot of time just trying to understanding cutting and splicing,,,,

  3. I just purchased you maker and went through almost 45 minutes of video converting only for it to say that the upload failed.  When I went to upload the video myself on utube it said to check and make sure that the file type is acceptable.  I'm not understanding because I thought that the youtube maker was converting it to an acceptable file.

  4. Unfortunately this tutorial video is very blurred and is hard to learn that way. I am trying to avoid blurred videos and however and made nearly thousand of then it still happen often.

  5. I downloaded the free version only to discover I can't make anything longer than 15 minutes. What's the point of that? I need to edit a 3 hour documentary into 1hour segments. Also I download movies which I like to trim. They say I need to buy the full version for more features but they don't say whether or not I'll be able to load projects longer than 15 minutes. I really miss Windows movie maker that gave me all I wanted. Can't get windows movie maker with windows 10, and I'm not sure it's still available should I reverse to Windows 7.–if that's at all possible?

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