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Hi guys! Today is the longest vlog ever!! Well, not really haha It was just a chilled Tuesday so I thought I would vlog:) I hope you like it!

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41 thoughts on “Making Money From Youtube! | Hayley Paige Vlogs

  1. Yesss….her name is Judy and she had one little girl and daily vlogged from conception to birth then after that then 2 yrs later got pregnant with twin girls and vlogged all of that, birth and then vlogged everyday since. She has been on Youtube since 2006! Her name is Judy and her daily vlog channel is itsjudyslife and her beauty channel is itsjudytime. Check her out!

  2. You can definitely find affordable photographers. I don't live in California so maybe theyre all expensive, but as a photographer myself if someone charges whatever they charge it's because it's their job. I went to college for photography, I am professionally trained with my camera and editing. And while anyone can download a lightroom preset or put their camera on auto, I am trained to see little details and I know composition. You wouldn't rip out your own tooth instead of going to a dentist because you watched a youtube video.. I'm just saying that photography is a job and we charge what we charge because we are professionals and for you to say oh just do it yourself don't pay someone is just a little insulting.

  3. I love ur channel!! I first found your blog and then your channel so its really nice to see you in videos, I feel like ive known u forever! xx

  4. My husband and I have been married for two years! I'm 26 and 15 weeks pregnant! I can definitely relate to your more than most youtubers!

  5. Lolz snow is a bitch Doug is right BUT it's so pretty!! Penn State (where I went to College) had heated sidewalks and it was bomb haha

  6. Do a baby haul! You're a few weeks ahead of me & we're both having girls so of course I am obsessed with everything you got for her. I NEED those bows for my baby as well.

  7. Hi Hayley! Trust me, vlogging is tough especially when your little one comes! I thought the same thing when I made videos before my daughter, and now it's not "hard" to do, just your priorities change and everything is not as easy as before haha. I like watching your vlogs and so exciting to see the changes you've made in preparation for baby 🙂

  8. Aww I see the baby's girl name has Anna in it!!!!! ❤❤❤ I love all the stuff for the nursery I love your style. Snow is horrible and when their is ice with it, you feel so shut in and feel so paralyzing when you can't go any where not even to the store so you have to make sure you are stocked up on groceries for the winter! I wish you would follow me on instagram (dorannalewis) so you could see the beautiful country I live in Oklahoma! We have beautiful seasons! The view from my porch is breathtaking!

  9. So I knew the baby's name from when you did your "baby name" vlog before you were pregnant, you just light up when you say the name. It is absolutely perfect! I'm not pregnant yet but I would love to see how you do a maternity shoot! My mom has a nice camera and loves taking pics and we've taught my husband to be a good photographer so when my time comes I would love for him to take them! Also Doug you are such a great husband to watch Gilmore Girls! Lol

  10. P.S. I live in Canada and I love our change of seasons! I do want to say though that the problem with our winter time is that it's too long and sometimes it gets really cold. We love the snow though and we're pretty active skiing/snowboarding in the mountains, which is fun. We also have more appreciation when spring and summer comes because of how long our winters are.

  11. Love your vlogs, Hayley! 🙂 Also if you haven't heard of itsjudyslife, she's a mom and she vlogs every day (for five years now including when she just gave birth to her eldest daughter). She's lovely and I love her daily vlogs, in case you're looking for a new daily mom vlog to watch 🙂 About your sponsored videos, I totally agree with you. For as long as you believe what you are endorsing and for as long as you are honest with your viewers and put a disclaimer in your video that it's a paid video, I think that's fair 🙂

  12. Loved this vlog! And I love that you want to be a good "housewife" I'm totally the same way. I'd love to see a DIY maternity shoot!

  13. Believe me snow is not fun! I am from Canada, Quebec and we do have a lot of snow and it is cold in the winter time, sometimes it could be -32!!

  14. Hi Hayley when you have the time watch ItsJudyslife, she has a 4years old daughter and 2 years old twins. She has been vlogging everyday. They are a very fun family to watch, you will enjoy them.

  15. I am so obsessed with your videos! LOVE your daily blogs 🙂 Have you bought the maybelline matte and pore less foundation you mentioned recently?

  16. Yesss we love how real you are 🙂 you are definitely YouTube goals girl! Your channel is growing so fast! You had 7k when I first started following ☺️❤️

  17. I'm not sure if you just don't want your viewers to know your babies name or what, but you show the name just before 14:22! Just wanted to let you know in case you really didn't want anyone to see

  18. haha i live in indiana! winters are brutal, and the humidity in the summer is awful too. BUT i am so happy with having all four seasons.

  19. I'm 99% sure I've guessed your baby's name and if I'm right, then I LOVE it and think you made a wonderful choice for your baby girl!

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