My Filming Setup and Video Equipment

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Hey, guys! A lot of you have been asking about the equipment and lighting I use for my videos and tutorials, and so I thought I’d share!

Music: “Sorority Squat” By Swim Good




Lens Cover:

Lens Hood:

External Mic:

Desktop Mic:

Pop filter:


Tripod (I want):

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7 thoughts on “My Filming Setup and Video Equipment

  1. super informative video! i really want to get some artificial lighting since my room doesn't let in too much natural light cause the only window i have is a sky roof window. better lighting would allow me to film way more often but the ring light is pretty pricy :/ guess it's time to save up!

  2. very helpful! Thank you. and btw I love your videos! By far one of my favorite YouTubers! love your personality and uniqueness you display. keep it up girl! love you

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