My Youtube Filming Equipment (Tech Talk)

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Open Me! I’m full of Goodies!!!

Links to items mentioned in video

Sony A5100 for Vlogging:
Iphone 7:
Ring Light:
Ring Light Stand:
Canon t5i:
Canon AC Adapter:
Macbook Pro:
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42 thoughts on “My Youtube Filming Equipment (Tech Talk)

  1. I hope you guys find this helpful! Thumbs up if you want me to do a video on my actual set up and or how I edit my videos! Don't forget to ASK QUESTION's so I can film a Q&A!!!!

  2. Have you every just used your phone to do every thing for your videos?
    That's currently what I'm doing because it's just easier for me right now.

  3. Thank you! So informative. One question. Where did you get the camera holder on the ring light stand? And what’s it called??

  4. With your Sony a5100 do you have problems with it overheating? I have one and it takes amazing pictures and I make videos. Didn't know if you could help

  5. Hello, I'm really interested in starting my own channel. I currently have a HP computer but plan to invest in a mac computer shortly. Do you think I have better luck waiting till I get a mac to start my channel or ill be fine using a HP computer. I also have the a iphone7 plus so would you recommend me recording on there ? sorry for the double questions but I'm curious.

  6. Thanks for this helpful video! What is kind of Canon AC Adapter do you use? The link in the details section no longer works. 🙁

  7. Nice equipment you've got there.
    please I want to know where and how you get your music.
    I mean the music that plays on the background.
    would be very grateful to hear from you

  8. hii, I wanted to know how do you zoom in and out while making videos? like if I am making a cooking video, how do I zoom in n out? Is there any remote thing for this available?

  9. Hey Anneayail!! I just started my channel not too long ago and I was just wondering how you can put the clips ontop of your video? Can you do that using iMovie? That's what I've been using until my channel gets up and running! Thank you in advance!!

  10. I really liked this video. I'm going to buy the camera you mentioned because it's a good camera and within my budget! Thank you for inspiring me to create! ☺️

  11. Hey Ann, I love your videos:) I want to start vlogging soon and wanted to know how do you stop a canon from recording automatically at the end of your video instead of getting up? Is there like a set timer for example if you want to record for 10 minutes

  12. Hey Anna,
    Great video and thanks for al the tips. I have a Canon as well. But I have no idea how to use a MacBook. I'm still using my Windows laptop and Movie Maker for editing. If u have any tips for WMM, I'd love to see those.

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