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New PC & Desk Setup for 2018 – with a brand new gaming & 4k editing PC from PC SPECIALIST, 34″ ultrawide monitor, Logitech G560 speakers & the typical YouTuber ikea desk setup – Let me know what you think! Spec your new PC here:

ASUS PG348Q – US: | UK:
Logitech G560 – US: | UK:
ikea desk –
PC Specialist:

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36 thoughts on “New PC Setup 2018 – Gaming & 4K Video Editing | The Tech Chap

  1. to setup hardware no do bat, when start with windows, reboot, install driver, search for diver, antivirus, ms office, browser, steam and games. Better buy all in.

  2. auto OC works perfect. if you have a delid CPU it can take it. Note, auto oc in bios.! got the same case lat week and usb 3.0 is short.

  3. Chap,i need your review about ultrawide monitor for fps gaming? how to customise windows while stream on this single ultrawide monitor?

  4. I think I'm gonna buy
    Gigabyte x299 aorus gaming 9
    I9 7840x
    Rtx 2080ti
    1 tb samsung m.2 970pro
    Corsair vengeance 3600mhz 64 gb
    4 tb samsung 860evo sata3
    Thermaltake floe dual ring rgb 360tt
    Coolermaster cosmos 0700p e-atx

    Not sure about mouse keyboard ups and power supply

  5. @The Tech Chap
    If you want to sync all of them you needed to go with Thermaltake cooling, its possible to sync all of them then, I mean, ASUS, RAZER, Thermaltake and Phillips HUE

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