OpenShot Video Editor 2018 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

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OpenShot Video Editor is one of the best FREE video editors. Not only is OpenShot free but it is extremely easy to use. This video tutorial will show you how to use the OpenShot Video Editor from start to finish. Learn OpenShot from all the mini lessons listed below.

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0:47 Download OpenShot
1:10 Create Project
1:28 Setting language and shortcuts
2:05 Import media
4:10 Bringing clips to timeline
6:25 Timeline adjustments and viewing
9:05 Adding transitions, animation and fades in OpenShot
12:40 Trimming, splitting and cutting in OpenShot
15:47 Change clip duration
16:41 Separate audio from video
17:41 Add titles
19:15 Animated titles with Blender (shows path)
22:21 Clip properties
23:20 Transform clips
24:28 Adding effects in OpenShot
25:32 Green screen (Chromakey) in Openshot
27:39 Exporting your project

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45 thoughts on “OpenShot Video Editor 2018 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

  1. Thanks for the video. i do real estate photography and am interested in making a videos of jpegs. the jpegs seem to be defaulted to to 10 sec show time. grabbing the edge of an image in the time line and resizing it is clumsy. is there a way to set the exact show time for one or all images. thanks, Kirt

  2. бля почему русские не могут заснять как монтировать в этой программе,

  3. I started using this a few months ago, and never had time to finish using/learning it. Now that I have time, when I go to open the editor, it wants to make changes to my computer. That's normally not a problem as I know programs periodically update. This time however, it wants to turn the program into an app. I like how it was, I don't want all my programs to be apps if I can avoid it. Is this my computer being the problem or is it just a normal update of OpenShot? Thanks for any input! (and thanks for these tutorials! They really help a lot.)

  4. Can I ask is there a way to move frame by frame to find a split at the exact right frame? Like a keyboard shortcut to move frame by frame?

  5. When you upload and then put your video on a page, say FB, the fixed video where you click to start it has an image. I guess what you would call your fixed view image people see before they click. Is there anyway to set this. It seems to just pick a place and use that image, when I want to have a nice opening image set to see, not some random image in the video…

  6. Thank you so much! I am coming from movie maker with one track to work in. So I am still a little confused about multiple tracks. I was putting everything in one track as I edited it with the other options. Is this ok? Is tracks mostly for effects and audio?

  7. How do you delete a fade out without deleting the fade in? All I see is "No Fade." Well, I don't want no fade, I want the fade in but I don't want the fade out that I accidentally added because it's so easy to select more than one clip at a time without realizing it.

  8. hi nice vid i have a prob with blender when i paste this path "C:Program FilesBlender FoundationBlenderblender.exe" it won't work can you help thanks

  9. To bad the software constantly freezes. Play video, it freezes, edit anything it freezes, oh wait, it went nope it froze. Uninstalled, reinstalled hoping for something better, nope freezes. Ya great.

  10. Thank you for your educative video! This video really helped me to make my first gaming youtube video and of course, it will be easier for me to make my upcoming videos. Thanks a lot!

  11. It is in my view, its an absolute stunner.I have look at resolve 15, VSDC, lightworks and count less things but of my god its a dream – openshot …Thubs up +++

  12. I am unable to reduce the size of my openshot window as you did at 2.15 minutes into the video. I don't have a minimize or maximize or an X to close in the right corner.

  13. This saves as an osp file. YouTube says this is not a supported file type. How do I either save it as an mp4 or other supported file or change the file from osp to a supported file type?

  14. Absolutely, FREAKING REMARKABLE! The last tutorials of other dudes were a sore disappointment! But, you, you're on another level from those other dudes!! You freaking Rock!!!! I learned what I needed to know for a class project where my groupmates abandoned me!
    Thanks so much! You get a super well deserved like and a new subscriber! Will eliminate the bell icon for other subscriptions to watch your stuff!!!

  15. What a great tutorial! Very much informative. Thanks immensely for the time and effort in making this video. Lemme go and check rest of your videos…

  16. openshot is super for extreamly n00b people and guess what… I just bought a camera and want to make family photos, maybe put them on YouTube… it is amazing for me.
    it does not have all the bells and whistles, it is straight to the point and I do not have to go back to college to figure it the f out… thank you for making my fun pass time quick and easy

  17. Which video editor do you use?

    thx for the tutorial, I use openshot version 1.4.3 old interface, but I was hesitating to use this new

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