Peluchin Entertainment’s Channel is Still Up and Monetized

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48 thoughts on “Peluchin Entertainment’s Channel is Still Up and Monetized

  1. It's odd to me that even though the authorities have him and he will no longer make new videos, I'm still feeling unsettled and pissed that his channel is still not only active but monetized. YouTube is just so backwards

  2. in the worl cats(specially the babies) die or are killed like insects and nobody cares
    but this autistic dude uploaded to YT and people want him dead LOL

  3. beats cats until death (this idiota) : i sleep
    mocking an incel who shoots people around (mj) : real shit
    Beats feminist in game (shirrako) : triggered
    Making meme (kadz): DEMONETIZED

  4. YouTube is too busy being liberal and progressive, they degenerate in any kind of intellectual sense. Of course he still on here. Great job, flaggots.

  5. Of course his channel is monetized since he is a POC
    Make an edgy joke, have the wrong political opinion or wrong think
    You channel is done
    Killing animals

  6. really love that music in the background man
    never knew about this Peluchin guy, maybe is for the best
    as a vegetarian person who does believes in animals right
    this seems very fucked if he does truly kills cats on screen or whateve

  7. You'd think that YouTube would jump on shit like this instantly considering their format is know for cute cat videos. That they'll wanna protect that image by protecting animals, specially cats, any way they could. Guess not.

  8. Yet MumkryJones Channel was Terminated, yeah that's a lot for your really shitty Platform YouTube, you got rid one of my favorite Hero's

  9. Youtube is a shit show. Creators are having to censor their big, mean swear words to stay monetized but this actual garbage is apparently fine. Good on you for staying on this.

  10. Unbelievable, this was coming from a company that was known for deplatforming Alex Jones for being right wing, terminating Mumkey Jones over "Hate Speech", almost terminating Shirako for hitting female NPC and demonetizing your channel because of inappropriate content.

    Killing cats are not better than Nazi.
    You should know better, Susan

  11. I don’t speak Mexican but does he have other channels as well. This person should be murdered and killed I’ve tweeted it out to team YouTube to take down this channel in particular but I don’t understand if those are his other back up channels or anything. Peluchin needs to fucking die

  12. By now YouTube definitely knows his channel and what he's done, the people who own and moderate YouTube are just sick fucks as well. There's tons of channels where pedos upload pedophilic content and it's actually pretty popular, nothing is done about it. Popular channels where the parents are abusing their children are up and YouTube does nothing about it. But they'll have no problem taking down someone's channel for swearing or saying something that is """offensive"""…

  13. Youtube shut down Mumkey Jones's channel even though he did absolutely nothing wrong.

    This sick fuck who uploaded a video of him abusing and murdering his cat gets to keep his channel and continues uploading as if nothing happened.
    I hope the authorities keep a close eye on him, many serial killers start by harming or killing defenseless animals. He needs to be locked up forever, if you ask me.

  14. Kill cats…advertiser and family friendly. Say "Fuck" oops let's take all your monies away and bury your channel. Fuck this platform seriously.

  15. I’m just curious what we’re supposed to do. Do we tell the, on Twitter? They’ll still probably ignore us. What’s the next step?

  16. Absolutely fucked. YouTube is turning into nothing but rot. Honestly you and a few other YouTubers are the only ones that make me happy anymore when I go on here. Thanks for everything you've done Memology.

  17. 1 of the cats who was taken away from him had his left side of the face burned. And the otrher one had a knife injury in his chin.
    He needs profesional help, the real villian is his family that let their mental ill kid beat cats.

  18. youtube bans mumkey jones for shitposting about elliot rodgers but lets this scumbag exsist monetised on the platform. what a joke

  19. Fuck this entire platform. Apparently they are never looking back when it comes to getting their priorities in fucking order.

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