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Q and A about things like: travel, vanlife, inspiration, money, jobs, relationships, toilets, van build, and more. Do you have other questions for us? We couldn’t answer everythnig this week but we will go into more detail soon about vanlife and what it’s like living on the road. We’ll also talk about how we travel for cheap, how we make money while living the vanlife, and all the questions about van living and travel that you are dying to know. Please subscribe and join the adventure.

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26 thoughts on “Q & A : Vanlife, Travel, Money, Vlogging, & Pee

  1. Thanks for answering the toilet question, a lot of people tell me that not having a toilet in my van would suck, I’d rather use other bathrooms at stores and gas stations then deal with emptying a septic tank. Thanks again for sharing, I’ve come to notice that a lot of YouTubers are secretive with almost everything. You have definitely gave me pointers on how to make a little money on road, fortunately I get disability and get paid anywhere i go, 750$ a month isn’t a lot but it makes life so much easier

  2. I’m live in New Mexico And I’m a subscriber love your channel just found them and I’m obsessed I can’t wait for more videos with you two .

  3. Where is the best gas prices y’all have seen?
    Is everything really bigger in Texas?
    Sandra was it hard to leave your fam?
    And leaving when y’all are a newer couple?
    What were you thinking when you saw the guns at the repair mans house? I would of been so scared lol

  4. How long are you staying in Austin? Did you both find temp jobs? Is the recent repair to the van holding? You two are adorable together.

  5. I'm a home care nurse so when I'm able to buy a van and start traveling I'm gonna look into doing that in different states I stop in

  6. Sandra baby, you look happy. Costa Rica is great during the dry season. Even then, the mosquitoes were terrible. We stayed at pretty nice hotels, the Tamarindo Diria, right on the beach, a nice hotel that was affiliated with the spa at the Arenal volcano (best resort ever, in the middle of the jungle, where streams heated up by the volcano get mixed with cold water streams)

  7. i was watching your video and taking a crap, i do important stuff while i watch your video lol, and i heard my name and question. Thanks Bro keep the vids coming

  8. Well you asked for a question… LOL… My wife got a good laugh out of it… Thanks y'all made this old biker's day!!!

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